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  1. Allows time for enhanced air circulation systems to turn air, reducing any airborn virus in the roo . Seems wise as long as community spread for a virus remains a global problem. My guess is cleaning staff may wear masks as well, if desired.
  2. Agreed, and I am embarassed for my country. In particular I am embarrassed by the politicians that chose to encourage the anti vax movement for their personal enrichment and political gain. It is inexcusable. These same politicians were the first to get vaccines (in secret) and also were eager to trust science and received the most advanced experimental treatments (not available to others who died), when it was needed to save their own lives.
  3. It is a public health issue when a ship from a high Covid spread region (USA) goes to regions that are still vulnerable. Also, mixed cruises have not been shown to be safe. That is wishfull thinking at best, even recently isolated and vaccinated crew had a 7+ person incident once on ship, and this was without passengers. I constantly see a self centered perspective on this site rather than taking personal responsibility for making sure we are not accidentally killing other humans by 1) getting vaccinated (its safe, free, saves lives, civic duty). It is pretty crazy. I know a
  4. Might try Norwegian Air site. Very budget carrier in some financial trouble, but formerly had a lot of connector flights and some budget Norway/Europe to US direct flights, pre Covid. Also, the train to Oslo from Bergen is super comfortable and fun, so you might try taking an extra day to travel to Oslo by fast train and then book air from there. The train has a good web site that explains the services and times. When we did the Viking Northern Lights we trained to Oslo and spent a few days seeing that city before our next section of our travel. It turned out that Norwegian has
  5. My wife and I will be on that same cruise. Excited to explore Portugal for 2-3 weeks, but patient enough to take our time to get there. I may bring a guitar to practice.
  6. My dad was telling me a few weeks ago (as we visited Maui) about the $5 inter island fares on his first trip in the late 60s, early 70s.
  7. Fair enough, but do you want someone quoting you as saying something wrong and the opposite of your opinion? Anyway back to the topic...
  8. At the time, answering this question only required one to scroll up two posts and read. But to answer, I believe you quoted Sept10dsm, not me, but I think that material may have been removed by moderators. Also, you chose to edit the posts, which can remove the proper quote formatting and attribute the quoted text to the wrong person, especially if you are reacting to a quoted portion within a post, and not the person whose post you chose to respond to. IMHO it is poor form to not put the full context off a quote by cherry picking a single sentence, out of context, no
  9. Perhaps. I was only advocating that you post correct information so as to not mislead people into false thinking based on wrong assumptions.
  10. This is incorrect (items in bold). Asymptomatic positive testing individuals can shed the virus and spread the disease, hence the need for isolation and why both people in the cabin were tested as positive. The fact both were positive suggests we very likely har active shedding. Under your world view shouldnt only one person have tested positive in the cabin? Think about it. Why the desire to spread false information? Please consider reading up on the disease a bit. Coughing or sneezing is not required, only some amount of time in an enclosed space where people can be breathin
  11. So BecciBoo, you dont believe Covid caused deaths that we should regret, but instead should mock the experts who tried to warn us? Because that is what you are supporting. I fail to see the spiritual center of that thread of advocacy. Regretting unneccessary deaths and trying to serve others by devoting ones life to medicine to me seems on higher moral ground. But unfettered floating vacations are more important I guess. Thread now unfollowed. Going to depart the community as the QAnon believing type crowd and antivaxers 'because it is for freedom and our side' are
  12. I said I wouldd drop it, but your insensitivity to the fact that millions of people are still dying all over the world and almost 600,000 Americans died last year astonishes me. Your need to 'be right' exceeds all empathy. I pity you so much. Appoligies to prior poster (keksie) who I missquoted as I misstook his post for another proponent of the unproven, untested Covid cures or preventatives. Internet rumors and bad science have buried the good science and thoughtful messaging of organiations like the WHO, and it is so sad. So the choice of a word proves what? The expert mode
  13. Did you actually look at this? Click on the tables amd footnotes. It lists in the footnotes a study that showed worse results using HQ with a sample of 5000 patients, so that was thrown out because they redefined what should count, and instead weighted equal a bunch of non peer reviewed studies that showed positive results pre-infection over a sample of less than 50 patients. From the study abstract: We hypothesized that a systematic review would show HCQ to be effective against COVID-19, more effective when provided earlier, not associated with worsening disease and safe.
  14. I have a really hard time following the meaning of your posts. Maybe English is your second language, but there is so much wrong information being posted, I am going to assume foreign trolls are rampant in covid vaccination threads advocating all sorts of nonsense unrelated to medical research, so I will just unfollow replies. PS. A drug being useful for a purpose does not make it 'something to try.' The complete lack of logic of the last few posts dumbfounds me. People are being denied Vitamin C? It is in every drugstore, everywhere for anyone to buy. I am beginning to think
  15. Not sure I get your point? So they are wrong to explain latest thinking on covid patients getting second infections, how silent spreading among the unvaccinated works, etc? It is crazy how suspicious people quickly throw unfounded insults at folks who spend their entire lives studying disease in order to help protect others, but are supremely offended if someone tries to get in the way of them eating at a floating buffet. The godlessness of it stuns me. I will pray for you to see the work of god in others as I work my next vaccine clinic to help restore America to healthy lives.
  16. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-establishes-centers-research-emerging-infectious-diseases Sorry it was leader of CREID. I think speaker was one of these 2. Eva Harris, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley American and Asian Centers for Arboviral Research and Enhanced Surveillance (A2CARES) Central and South America, South Asia; 1 U01 AI151788-01 Christine K. Johnson, VMD, Ph.D., University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine EpiCenter for Emerging Infectious Disease Intelligence (EEIDI(link is external)) Central Africa
  17. With due respect, that is not how medicine works. Millions swear by voodoo as well, but it is not approved medical practice. Maybe voodoo has a mind driven effect, but no one has proven it. You may be by nature a suspicious person, but having worked deeply within both pharma companies, goverment agencies, and health care company giants I can assure you that there is jo vast conspiracy of evil out to get you and deny you effective care. Yes they seek profits, and sometimes will oversell or undersell effectiveness data. It happens. But in this case, there is little evidence and hardly even a
  18. Scientist who is leader in forensic investigation of disease, called by staff 'disease detective.' She has spent her live in the specific area of travelling the world and investigating disease root causes as well as using data to understand how they spread, what is effective prevention etc. So someone with a lifetime in the specific field, PhDs, working and acknowledged as the expert is not to be trusted. Instead look to Q. What is your source again that hydroxychloroquin is an effective tool on Covid19 treatment or prevention? I found it interesting that as I read your post, a
  19. Important to remember that the state of Covid in the US, thanks to our aggressive vaccination effort and early vaccine access, is not yet the state of the rest of the world and countries which these cruises sail among. The cruise companies and governments they negotiate with know this. Florida officials may not care about spreading disease in less fortunate countries, but we all should and encourage vaccinated cruises as a step this year, not oppose them.
  20. Not shocking when one party in the negotiation has no interest in any real solutions, but rather is using the CDC to generate 'fighting big invasive government for the people' publicity to posture for national name recognition (pretty clearly for their political aspirations). Yet the same person is willing to use government, in a rushed to pass law, to impose invasive business requirements ($5000 pp fine) on literally the same industry if they dont operate the way he wants. Admire the chutzpah.
  21. This is fake news. Literally watching expert on TV taking about internet myths being perpetuated, including quack covid cures, proven wrong, and myth that getting covid provides protection equal to being vaccinated. Research is suggesting second cases of Covid19 can be more severe than the original and that natural immunity, while offering some protection, has much worse outcomes than those who are vaccinated. But it is your life and health.
  22. In their defense, Asia looked to be very openable 6 months ago and the surge in Japan (and response to close ports, etc) was not forseen. I personally watched live streams from Japan and Korea and thought they would be very open to vaccinated travelers and almost covid free. It seems reasonable that Regent wanted to sail and tried up until the last possible moment to keep the plans intact. Im going to give them the benefit of the doubt and their staffing must me tough now (remote, less staff, etc). I am sure they are being hurt worse than their passengers, financially, by the ch
  23. Baseball cards are mostly junk, but specific original pokemon cards are well worth keeping. I almost bought Magic the gathering cards for a few hundred dollars when I first played ("power nine, original set) years ago (because I think like you...cardboard), but they now can sell for up to 100,000 per card, if mint. If millions of people want something and the original prints were few....supply and demand. Sold about 20 cards for $1500 because generally agree. Still, he should co sider haveping them profressionally graded and sealed. My most expensive MTG card is still over $1000 and predic
  24. We are all in uncertain times and staffing is likely lower than normal. Some employees may have even been seriously ill. I believe some patience and forgiveness is in order, as a luxury vacation is certainly not life and death, which Covid19 was and still is in many countries. India, for example, home to many cruise staff, is still suffering greatly.
  25. I think this is because Japan has effectively closed due to a Covid surge and Olympics plans. An alternative cruise is likely available.
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