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  1. I need to wear a mask on any vacation. I won’t do it.
  2. Hats off to them for trying. I’m not wearing a mask on a cruise ship.
  3. Barcelona. We enjoyed our stop on a med cruise and wanted more. Celebrity runs an awesome western med cruise. We love the chef market place and dinner tour. Really worth it.
  4. I’m fine with the top national figure not wearing a mask. It’s a national figure constitutional right. I’m also fine with the US populace out masking several other countries. The whole straw man argument that the mask solves everything is comical. Visit my local grocery store the majority are worn improperly. There is no easy fix such as “ hey make everyone wear a mask !” I won’t pay to take a cruise to wear a mask.
  5. I would. They obviously aren’t doing well. Try to get it while you can.
  6. We would have booked the November Caribbean out of Miami. However, Crystal won’t use fcc for deposits. It’s only 200 deposit but until they post what will be required we are holding off. Just ignore the negative people. It’s pretty good advice pandemic or not ;)
  7. We cancelled the Jan 5th Miami Panama Canal cruise. We had already paid in full.The lady we spoke to over the phone understood. We are out 400 if we do not rebook in a year. In a few months when things resettle we may rebook. We had booked directly with Crystal and thought the level of their service was fantastic.
  8. They start allowing shorts for dinner is the day I stop cruising.
  9. It was ok in our book. The one issue we had it started late because they were waiting for guests to show. Honestly, preferred Qsine as you could repeat and have something new.
  10. Moorea looks beautiful Keith. Great pictures you got! This area of the world is certainly on the bucket list.
  11. Boy..reading all these blogs makes me want to cruise sooner..:) well done !
  12. Thank you for the review CFM. We take this leg Jan of 21. Did you dock in Panama early evening? If so was there nighttime excursions available? thanks
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