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  1. Whitehorse sign taken while on Aurora Borealis tour, Feb 2019. Temp -15*f.
  2. They’re doing all they can to recoup lost revenue.
  3. And you think that the cruise ship cannot isolate them? They're pretty good at isolating norovirus, etc.
  4. And just to add to the complexity of the virus, CDC reports higher than expected cases of heart inflammation in young men after second dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.
  5. This thing started when some Florida stores said they would not admit un-vacinnated people. That smacked of discrimination, and the cry went out that "you can't do that". So now, by EO until 1 July, and by bills passed by the legislature and the senate, and signed by the governor, discrimination based on vaccination status is not allowed. My next cruises don't touch the US, so I'll just wait it out. Further, we've been vaccinated, so why do we care if others are not - they walk the streets among us.
  6. Or, if this is true, we have another way. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/royal-caribbean-reverses-vaccination-mandate-for-passengers-on-cruises-departing-from-ports-in-florida-and-texas-as-tension-over-vaccine-passports-intensifies/ar-AAKK5uZ
  7. Wow!! Good work!
  8. What Executive Order? The anti-discrimination-by-vaccination status is state law.
  9. All but one of our HA cruises have been on the smaller ships. This one (Westerdam) would be second of the larger variety. Still, we'll do this cruise if the virus requirements ever get sorted out to our satisfaction. We'll keep watch here.
  10. Nope. That was "V" in 1995, so what was the Rotterdam recently sold?
  11. Hmmm, you’re right. So I sailed then on Rotterdam (nil) in 1995 to Alaska, and Rotterdam V a number of times thru the 20teens?
  12. No. I meant Rotterdam IV, the last of the ocean-crossing two-class ships, later converted to one-class and put into the cruise industry. She is now a hotel ship in Rotterdam, her namesake port.
  13. Our first HAL cruise was 1995 Rotterdam IV to Alaska from Vancouver. We’ve done Rotterdam V and we’ll do Rotterdam VI. We like the smaller ships. Our last cruise was on Azamara. What’s next? Don’t know.
  14. We were still RVing in 2005 when we stopped in Haines for a few days. Beautiful, pristine area. We took the fast ferry to Juneau for the day. Then we saved several hundred miles of driving by boarding an Alaska Ferry for the trip around the point to Skagway.
  15. We like 7054, port side, between laundry and elevator/stairs, quiet.
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