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  1. Thank you all. I finally got through today and got 2.5 week extension
  2. What happens if I do not pay my final payment by the date listed? I have tried to call Carnival and cannot get though to someone (does anyone have an e-mail address I can try?). I desperately need an extension of my due date, which is Nov 22. Will they cancel my reservation and refund the deposit? Or keep the deposit and cancel the reservation? I am reading mixed answers on it. I'm on Mardi Gras Feb 20 sailing.
  3. Ughhh this has me worried! I hope it's just sold out
  4. Well dang I feel like I made out good with this sale. I got a balcony on deck 10 for a 7 day sailing on Mardi Gras for just under 2k for 4 people in Feb. When I try and book another cruise, the offer isn't there anymore.
  5. Yes!! I saved $851 today! We're going on the Mardi Gars in Feb!
  6. Cancelled my April 30th sailing online. I'm ready to rebook a new cruise - do I need to call to book it and get the FCC applied NOW? Or can I book it online and make the call at another time?
  7. I booked ES and called Carnival today about a price drop, which they honored in the form of OBC since I'm past final payment. Should I have received an email of the updated booking information? When I log into my account the old price is still there and no mention of any OBC. Does it take time or should I call back?
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