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  1. sail date: May 25 refund requested: March 23 refund received May 8 HTH
  2. Today I received a refund of a payment I had made on my parents' reservation. I made this payment over Thanksgiving weekend 2019 as a Christmas gift to upgrade my parents to a balcony cabin on a cruise we were scheduled on together. Sail Date: May 25, 2020 Cancellation Date for the portion refunded: March 23, 2020 Refund Received: May 8, 2020 When Carnival later cancelled this sailing, I chose to have my fare refunded. That was via the email link on April 13th. I have not received the refund for my own cabin yet, and my mom hasn't received their refunded cabi
  3. That's when my sail date was going to be yay! Maybe I'll get mine soon. I'm pleasantly surprised that they are refunding us for these cruises that they had to cancel.
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