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  1. ours came from Singapore as well, they got stuck in customs for about 2 days waiting for the shipment to get cleared
  2. I was told medallions ship 22 days prior to sail date, ours shipped on 11/11 for a 11/30 sailing on the Royal
  3. we have found its worth having on any cruise, sure its limited to 15 per day but that's easy to hit if you start drinking in the morning and pace throughout the day. The last cruise we went on, if I didn't have the drink package which cost me only $225 for the 4 days my bar tab at the end of the trip would have been over $800 for the trip. On our 7 day RCL trip we paid about $400 for the week and it was unlimited, my friend was drinking double fireballs pretty much all week and if he would have paid sticker price for those he would have had a tab of over $2000 by the end of the trip. It all boils down to how much you like to drink and if you will spend more than the cost of the drink package on drinks per day
  4. We got the exact up sell offer back in October not worth it all to move from our deluxe balcony to the mini, plus the tub showers are the worst. Its a 5 day sailing
  5. Good to know, the last ship we were on was carnivals inspiration and the TV was terrible, well from what she told me anyways. looks like I wont have to worry about anything then, thanks for the quick responses
  6. This is our first time on Princess and we will be on the Royal next weekend, and it got me thinking, the TV/movie selection while on board is usually slim and often lots of repeats, not a problem for me as I spend little time watching it but my girlfriend likes to watch it at night or while getting ready for the day, is there way to stream/Air Play movies that are downloaded to my iPad to the TV in our cabin?
  7. I would move from a interior to a balcony for $39pp in a heartbeat, and welcome maybe we will see you around the ship
  8. Back in October we revived a up-sell offer for out 5 day on the Royal to go from our Deluxe Balcony to a Mini Suite for $139pp not worth it to me at the time but after seeing some of these other offers maybe $139pp wasn't so bad, but from what I can remember at the time of booking a mini suite was only maybe 100-150 more than the deluxe balcony
  9. Can any one confirm this? I originally booked on the website before I found about the relationship between Total Rewards and NCL, I am Diamond with total reward/Caesars entertainment, so I called and they changed my booking to be booked thru the casino and under my diamond card which saved me the 20% off my cruise fare. If that allows us priority boarding I might try and cancel my priority access pass
  10. We paid $74.95 for the 4 device package for 5 days on the Royal it was $44.95 for the one device package
  11. Nice well hope everyone enjoys their cruises and hopefully the priority access turns out to be worth it, we look forward to your reviews when you return
  12. We went back and forth about booking a balcony or mini suite for our Alaska cruise on the Bliss and after many YouTube video reviews and general searching we settled on the Spa Mini suite for two reasons, the larger bathroom with the dual sink and shower jets seemed nice and at the time the price difference between a mid ship balcony room and a mid ship mini suite was less than $300, granted we ending up getting the spa one so we could have the access to the thermal suite. Way worth it to us just to have the extra 40 sq ft of cabin, and the balcony is even 10 sq ft bigger according to the website. They list the mid ship balcony at 207 sq ft for the cabin and 32 sq ft for the balcony and the mini suite at 249 sq ft and 42 sq ft respectively. Unfortunately the only downside to the mini suite is that it shouldn't be called a suite, because it comes with ZERO of the normal perks you get when booking a suite, so the name can be misleading. here's a good review of the bliss cabin to further help your decision
  13. Just added this last week for our 7 day Alaska sailing on the Bliss, worth 179? That's still to be determined but hoping its helps ease the embarkation and debarkation stress. Who here is going to be the first to try it out and report back to us?
  14. ah soon to be a medallion class ship with the medallion net wifi, as far as I understand they only have the standard wifi on that ship, I could be wrong tho, when are you sailing the ship will be a medallion class ship in august of 2020
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