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  1. when did you submit the form and about how long till you received that email?
  2. when I spoke to the NCL chat guy he said to use the most recent cancellation booking number and they would then look at the account and go from there. When I filled out the form I added in the comments section FCC to cash refund, so we will see how long it takes to get approval
  3. Well its a sad day but happy at the same time, after or most recent Alaska cancellation and the fact that the 2022 bookings for the cabin we wanted are already sold out, we decided to take advantage of this FCC to Cash refund and take our money while we still can. I just finished up filling out the forms on NCL to request the refund for both of our cabins. Then in the future we can rebook our Alaska trip once things start to return to some sense of normalcy.
  4. What I did when making a new booking was, put a booking on courtesy hold and then call in to have my FCC applied as the deposit and then some, made it easy for me that way I could choose my cabin and have all that picked out and ready to go, then when I would call in I would just give them my old booking number and the new one and they took care of the rest
  5. The $198 you paid for the first deposit that was cancelled gave you $198 in FCC or Future Cruise Credit, the $600 you received for the cancellation is OBC or On Board Credit. Two different credits, if you rebooked another cruise online and paid $198 again, you didn't use the FCC you had, you will have to call Carnival or your PvP to have them add your FCC and OBC from your old booking to your new one
  6. Call and ask for a payment extension, I did that for my 2/1 5 day trip on the Miracle they only extended it 2 weeks, but two days after I called and got the extension I received my cancellation email
  7. Looks like the old date of 11/5 is no longer the inaugural, I'm going to have to call in and move my B2B dates up a few days, Edit, Looking back at my recent cancellation email it says the following... "Carnival Radiance Sailings through and including November 1, 2020" but I did a mock booking online and it shows the 1st as available to book
  8. I just did the same I had some FCC leftover so I put a deposit down, if and when the April trips gets cancelled I'll move those FCC's over to the 11/5 trip and book the 11/8 to redo my b2b
  9. I have/had the Radiance booked for, at the time, the inaugural out of Long Beach 4/23/21 and the 4 day after on 4/26/21... I have not heard anything regarding a cancellation... YET, apart from anything already posted has anyone received any communication directly from Carnival?
  10. Update, after 3 phone calls over the last week to the casino department, despite them telling me they would take care of it nothing has changed. So I decided to but another cabin on courtesy hold and just have then transfer the deposit to the new booking number and cancel my old one. I should have just done that to start. I even was able to stack the $100 OBC on top of my casino promo
  11. I recently booked my casino promo for a 5 day sailing in October of 2021, I received my new promo with more casino cash would I be able to have them update my reservation or would I have to cancel and rebook? TIA
  12. 1/22/21 check in date for a 2/1/21 sailing, final payment still shows due 11/18/20
  13. Just a follow up to this, I sent my renewal in 8/12 they received it 8/17 and I was just notified that my new passport has shipped today 10/15 so just over 8 weeks by the time it arrives to me, not bad considering the circumstances
  14. If I remember correctly you can start booking those 125 days out, so that would be October 22 if my math is correct
  15. I was having issues when I booked a trip last week, got thru placed my deposit, hit submit then the page said they were having techincal issues and redirected me to the home page. Logged in again and got the same error after multiple tries, finally go it to view my booking about 1 hour later. I've gotten the error a few more times since then but I give it a few minutes and try again and it works fine
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