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  1. Just a follow up to this, I sent my renewal in 8/12 they received it 8/17 and I was just notified that my new passport has shipped today 10/15 so just over 8 weeks by the time it arrives to me, not bad considering the circumstances
  2. If I remember correctly you can start booking those 125 days out, so that would be October 22 if my math is correct
  3. I was having issues when I booked a trip last week, got thru placed my deposit, hit submit then the page said they were having techincal issues and redirected me to the home page. Logged in again and got the same error after multiple tries, finally go it to view my booking about 1 hour later. I've gotten the error a few more times since then but I give it a few minutes and try again and it works fine
  4. I just watched a tour of the window suite and you're right they are quite the room, I'll be showing that video to her later... who knows we may end up in one...
  5. when I go to book it shows the window suites as available but when I choose deck 6 it wont give me the option to select a cabin, I'll to do some more research about those as the wife really likes to have a balcony, and I really like the casino... being right down the hall from it might be worth it... Thanks
  6. looking at the flyers they share some perks ClubClass-eFlyer.pdf PrincessSuite_eFlyer.pdf
  7. Thanks for the info, so from looking over the website the perks that come with the club class mini suite are in fact similar to the full suites like priority boarding and in room perks. The only experience I have with mini suites is on NCL and they don't share any similar perks that the regular suites do, especially priority boarding.
  8. Hey guys, How are the M1 category cabins on the Grand? I've heard about a 50/50 mix of good and bad but most threads are old. So I was looking for some more current opinions about them, Also this will be our first time in a club class mini suite, is it really like a suite or just a fancy balcony room? The general consensus seems to be that mini suites don't have the same perks and regular suites Thanks
  9. you are going to have to call in and they will move your deposit over to a new room no problem, if they dont, book the room you want online pay another deposit and then call again and ask them to move your credits and OBC from the old reservation to your new booking, I just did that for our cancelled December trip
  10. I had a December 13th trip booked on the Miracle and I called yesterday to have my deposit, and OBC credit from a previously cancelled cruise moved to a future booking and they even moved my casino promo over to my new reservation. If you have new dates just call and have them make the switch
  11. My first cruise was in 2004 on Carnival Ecstasy, 6 Cruises with Carnival for 23 days 2 with Holland America for 17 days 1 with Royal Caribbean for 7 days 1 with Princess for 5 days Future cruises booked 3 more with Carnival for an additional 12 days 1 with Norwegian for 7 days
  12. Other thing you can do is some people have had luck calling in and expressing their concern over the situation and asking to have the final payment date extended, that might be worth a shot
  13. They should, I was able to move my deposit from a cancelled trip to a future booking
  14. I sent mine in 8/12 and it shows that it is in progress
  15. Just used some left over FCC to book the Radiance inaugural out of Long Beach... 233...
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