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  1. As others are saying, I got an email saying my refund has been processed after 70 days. I of course won't consider it closed until I see it back on my CC.
  2. Yeah they probably would have spent more but they also probably would have been coming back to a job and even paid through vacation pay. Many people found themselves without a job and guess no emergency fund (which is on them...) and those thousands tied up could be put to good use. Both me and my wife lost our jobs but had some money set aside and with cutting back were able to pay all our bills. I still requested a refund and rather have it sooner rather than later once the money is in my hands there is no more risk (no matter how small or large). We also took the refund because none of the stuff they offered blew us away. We looked at the same trip we were to do and money wise it was actually more expensive but if you added all the perks in then it sort of broke even though most of the perks we don't care for (like open bar). I rather wait till next year and evaluate our options maybe it will be a cruse maybe it will be something totally different what ever gets us the most bang for our buck. On a side note anyone who requested a refund in April get it yet?
  3. hmm Citi seems to be alot more accommodating then Capital One, I guess I can try phoning in and hope the phone support is better, I have not waited as long as you though so it may not be long enough. Not sure if really matters if they go bankrupt, I requested it as soon as I could but they gave a time frame what gets me into mid July which who knows maybe way to late. Yeah, this is what I am thinking if they go bankrupt my money is pretty much lost, that is why I was trying to do a charge back but the online support was not having it, even I mentioned they stated they may go bankrupt in a few months but the supports stance was "they have offered you a solution by eventually refunding you so there is nothing you can do"
  4. Has anyone gotten a refund back who requested it? I requested it the first day I could April 16th. I chatted online with a Capital one Rep and they said since they are going to issue a refund, I cannot do a charge back even if they said it will take 90 days to get the money back. Also the purchase well over the 119 days. So I guess I am screwed if they go bankrupt.
  5. I am thinking of getting a cash refund. Do me and my wife have to send in a refund request in separately?
  6. Right, this does not necessarily have to be a cabin decision one person can get cash and the other FCC.
  7. Lol, yeah, I can add "I Don't Care" lol though I don't see any edit button.
  8. Yeah got till the 13th, but I think most people will have made up their mind long before there, Like unless some super deal is released (ie getting 2 cruises for the price of 1) then it is cash for me. I am burning through all my vacation right now to keep my status as "employed" so I won't have a vacation anymore this year.
  9. I can add that but won't that almost just default you adding FCC?
  10. Hey I know almost every second post is about getting refunds but I would like to see it in a poll. I personally leaning towards taking the Cash refund as I looked at my same cruise that would happen in 2021 and basically at the current prices posted, it roughly comes out to the same price as what I paid for my cruise. I personally rather just wait to see what all the cruise lines have to offer once this is all over and then decide where we are going to cruise.
  11. I got it as well and yeah it seems split up for me as well. I also tried to run through a book but did not see the 20% off. I am still thinking it is a wash at these current prices so I probably will request a refund. I however now am not clear if I have to request it twice(once for me and once for my wife)?
  12. Still don't see anything in my account.
  13. If I booked through a Travel Agent I still will see it here right? I guess I have to wait though they did say April 1st.
  14. I can't see it in my NCL account either, from my understanding FCC should be in our accounts today. I even tried to book a cruise and it did not say anything about applying FCC or the 20% discount.
  15. Well 25 cruises is a lot maybe time to do something different. To be fair though I think anytime around that time was not a great time to travel. My wife was coming back from Asia around that time and had to transit through South Korea (10 hour layover), she was freaked out as at that time South Korea was spiking in cases and she was worried she would catch it and maybe they would not let her back into the country (ie close the borders). Sadly what you describe is pretty much common place. Don't think the restaurants you go to at home have staff that practice great hand washing techniques or practice general good health. Heck your not even safe in grocery stores, I seen so many times little kids going to bulk bins taking out candy putting it in their mouths and putting it back while the parents watch, heck even when this virus starting up in my city I saw a mother give an apple in the grocery store, the little kid puts it to their mouth and then the mother puts it back......... I worked in companies were some of the higher ups came to our office, and I happen to be in the bathroom at the same time and they go in and pee and walk out without washing there hands and go shake 10 peoples hands as they are walking into a meeting.
  16. Yeah, guess maybe on the 1st will see how much we get from the FFC. Right now I am treating both only on the cruise fair. I looked at 2021 April Hawaiian cruse and it's current price and then compared it to my current(now cancelled) April Hawaiian curse and it is pretty much a wash. The 2021 cruise is about $2000 CAD more than my current one, but if you count the free airfare which I did not get (though I going to now have a flight credit to use up.), $100 OBC they throw in, the 25% FFC and the 20% off and I am basically looking at a wash. I probably will go for the full refund, at least gives us an option to decide what kind of vacation we do next year. I would have no problem going on a cruise again and I think NCL will be around next year so it is not that I am scared of them going bankrupt. Here I am committing to go to Hawaii next year but maybe next year cruses in the Caribbean will be cheaper or maybe we will want to go somewhere else. Plus since we are basically getting it at what we paid for now, I bet we can get a similar deal in the future.
  17. With this FCC and 20% discount is that on only the non tax portion?
  18. Exactly, got lots of time, I am sure you already made peace that you are not going on that cruise (as I have with mine) and no point stressing over it now and no point even thinking about your September one, the situation can change 100 times between now and then might as well also wait till the last minute to go(either you will go or you won't, but it is out of your hands now). The only thing I am a little bit worried about is my Air Canada flight, I know they will allow me to cancel my flight that is not a issue but more with the flight credit that they seem to be only offering. First I read it was good till end of this year, now I see since I booked before March 2020, it will be good till march 2021. Of course like most people I am not crazy about getting a credit (I rather they give the choice you can have a cash refund, or a credit with extra perks) but what is really getting me is these expiry dates. They really should be making these expiry dates like 5 years or something, it can be hard to get a vacation request going for some people and when you got to plan multiple credits it will be even harder.
  19. Just wait for the cruise to cancel, all the travel sites are asking people to only phone in if your cruise is within 7 days, I rather just wait for NCL to cancel my April 30th cruise what they will have to do since they can't Dock in Vancouver. I rather not waste my time, I know I am going to get a refund, maybe it will be cash(hopefully) or maybe it will be FCC, but panicking and trying to cancel right now won't change the final outcome. If you cancel now or in a month you probably will still get the refund at the same time. If I am a few days out from sailing and I still hear nothing then I will will start to call.
  20. The law came from the very top (the Canadian prime minister), I highly doubt he is going to reverse it or he would face so much backlash (all levels of governments and groups have been asking him to suspend cruise ships for days now). Even if the virus would go away next week, I am sure they will keep this policy in place for a period after the all clear is given to be on the safe side. The cruise ships should be moving forward with the idea that for the next few months sailing should be cancelled, even if these bans were lift I am sure a big % of people still would not want to sail. Even before all these bans came out friends and family were asking me if I was going to cancel my cruise as they would not get stuck on the ship confined for 2 weeks in their quarters (this is peoples biggest fear) and that fear will not go away for some time so I would imagine most people will want to make sure this virus is dead for good before setting foot on a ship.
  21. Well I don't know where you live, but I imagine more and more places will have the similar policy, but here is Vancouver they now want anyone who comes from anywhere including the US to self isolate for 14 days. I live near the border, if I would just hop the border for 5 mins and come back the government would want me to self isolate for 14 days. Right now this is not forced but knowing how Canadian Government is so scared to be called racist (even though it would not be) or something, I don't see them making it law anytime soon but I could see the US making something like the mandatory. I sadly think all cruises need to now be cancelled for the foreseeable future, trust me I was looking very much forward to my cruise in hawaii as it was to be our honeymoon, now our plans are in total disarray like you and now I am thinking we may never go to hawaii or have our honeymoon as it is so hard for my wife to get vacation off at work. I was to go on the Jewel as well but at the end of April and it would have gone from Hawaii to Vancouver, now that is no longer possible I was wondering what will happen now, will they try to change the disembarkation port what would suck for me as I live in Vancouver or will they cancel it. I am hoping now they will cancel it and give me a cash refund, that would only leave my flight to Hawaii up in the air as what I would get (hoping again a cash refund).
  22. My cruise is outside of this 30 days but it will dock in Vancouver for disembarkation hope they extend this policy to those as well as that goes till July 15th, and my cruise would end mid may.
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