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  1. Our 1st night out for dinner in months was Monday night due to C19 lockdown ... Our 2nd night out for dinner will be tonight ... 🙂 ... if feels exciting ... like we've just booked a new cruise!
  2. Hello ... nice video ... we also live in Attica ... 🙂 ...
  3. Good one! ... 🙂 ... We generally get a balcony since we've done enough cruises with our primary cruise company that they wash our clothes and shine our shoes ... that is plenty of service for us.
  4. Yes ... in our conversations with crew, that we really enjoy having, most have some goal like you've named! It does make you feel better knowing that even with their low wages, that they have little to no expenses and can save some money for their future!
  5. Cruise companies differ in how they pay crew wages. Most use guest tips as a primary funding tool already. Our favorite cruise line did not use tips as part of their wage funding. We still tipped our 'people' in cash but it was not suggested we do so. Of course, on the three primary ships with our favorite cruise line, we are known on the first day by at least 25 crew members. They have very little staff turnover. Crew wages are essentially at rock bottom now so I don't see a way for that to change.
  6. We've been in an extended lockdown so our 'go to' home HH drink is usually some form of sangria ... I like it so much because we've had it in many world locations and usually have enjoyed all variations ... so nice since you can just use what fruit you have in the house! ... 🙂 ...
  7. The potential problem is this directional move was during a strict lockdown. As of next week Attica is almost completely wide open including restaurants. I just hope there is not a big jump in infections in 1 month.
  8. This resource was supplied by Werangels at cruice critic and I think it is what you are looking for ... Greece has emphasized vaccinations on the islands and some of those look pretty good ... good luck ... OH ... by the way ... 🙂 ... still hope to see you on a cruise out of Athens in November! https://lab.imedd.org/covid19/?lang=en
  9. Sorry but I didn't get the jist of what you were looking for "current rates" ... probably just my aged brain!
  10. This sounds like a yacht club 'regular' who you are responding to ... I looked at some MSC, as at one time they were one of the few wanting to come to Greece ... then I read cruise several critic comments ... to say it politely, they were not up to a standard, primarily due to financial customer service, that I would consider.
  11. I don''t care if the itinerary changes ... just want to see all this solidified ... we've been to all the ports on this cruise as scheduled so no big loss to us if there are changes ... just get us back to the luxurious feel of Azamara service! ... 🙂 ...
  12. Greece has many places where the people are wonderful! ... 🙂 ... Nafplio was the place I described in my earlier comment ... Happy Travels!
  13. Yes, another chapter to this unfortunate year ... good luck with the rest of the year. As a side note story ... we were first introduced to the Peloppenese area via an unusual port stop there with Azamara ... as usual for us, we walked a bit up away from the main port strip and bumped into a gorgeous little bistro with amazing flowers all around, so we stopped for a wine and snack ... sure enough, some other Azamara cruisers also wanted to get away from the crowd and made it up to this spot ... they would ask us how it was and we said 'amazing' ... the own
  14. I'm sure you saw the responses on Bonnie ... what an asset she was ... however, presently there isn't enough money coming in to any of the cruise companies to invest in customer service ... some are still struggling with refunds ... they all have a very 'skeleton' crew working, at best ... once we get through this coronavirus situation and travel is 'back to normal' we may see customer service back to normal ...
  15. The more isolated parts of Greece have a much less infection rate than the busy areas ... Unfortunately, since we also love the Peloponnese area, it is considered a hot spot ... https://www.garda.com/crisis24/news-alerts/335436/greece-overnight-curfew-implemented-in-kranidi-peloponnese-region-april-21-update-16
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