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  1. I see it is time for the coffee drink stories ... 🙂 ... One of my best friends ever has the habit of calling me from whereever in the world he is, if his bartender doesn't know or remember a drink recipe he has had with me. He wants it the way I make it! ... 🙂 ... I get a call, during my HH one day ... 🙂 ... he is in a foreign city wanting the recipe for 'Cafe' Gates' which he dearly loved. He was with his two high school sweethearts. Here it is, remember this is a coffee drink and there are other variations of this recipe around ... this is how I order and make mine; 5/8, 5/8, 5/8 Bailey's Kaluha Dark Creme de Cacao
  2. Your comment relates so much to personal preference. We have done many cruises with both lines. For us, it is more about enjoying the journey and less about new ports, since we've been to so many countries and places. We like a cruise where we can get to know other passengers and the crew. With that said, we feel entertainment options on board Azamara can be very limited, considering our preference is for live music entertainment. All in all, it is still easy for us to choose Azamara over Celebrity in the direct kind of comparison that you are making. Good luck and happy travels!
  3. Your questions harkens to personal preferences ... we prefer a less formal, less structured dining experience, with a good humored waiter. Most of our cruises are for at least fourteen nights and we will probably do a speciaty dining option on possibly two of those nights. To us, having a regular waiter who we enjoy is more important than a certain entree, generally speaking. We usually check the posted main DR menu and move to specialty dining when it just doesn't motivate us.
  4. Everyone is different in what they want out of a cruise and what they expect from a cruise. We started out cruising with Princess 'back in the day'. We usually aren't interested in organized onboard activities and would prefer to read or listen to live music over coffee or a wine. We particularly like the views from the back deck. That said, Celebrity's beverage service is superior in our opinion if you have a drink package. In their system, beverage servers are paid extra when dilivering premium beverages. We've always have had a couple of beverage servers who, because of this incentive, really kept an eye out for us, making beverage service remarkable whereever we were on the ship. Just a look and a nod was all that was necessary for service.
  5. You are so right ... Celebrity's presentation and taste is top tier! Your making me want to cruise again just to get at the escargot!
  6. Same scenario with my wife and myself ... I LOVE them and she HATES them! 🥰
  7. I love Nafplio so I follow the news from there ... Greece has a wildfire crisis and the Pelopannese (including my beloved Nafplio) is under threat ... more than smoke ... however your timeline may be correct as far as improvement ... the problem is the cruise lines often plan ahead based on today's news ... https://www.ekathimerini.com/news/1165847/section-of-national-highway-closed-in-peloponnese/
  8. Yours is the most accurate information on this topic ... horrendous fires are in many parts of Greece ... we live in Athens city center and the haze and smoky smell from a couple of days ago is nearly eliminated ... there is no 'wildfire' in our urban area ... Athens is a large area and the outskirts may have issues but the condition is better now in Central Athens ... a lot of reporting I see says "near Athens" probably to get peoples attention.
  9. Perhaps we should try and connect somehow since we are both in Athens ...
  10. My wife was at the airport yesterday and got the new Antigen test so she can travel to the USA tomorrow to see family. There were a lot of people at the airport in a line near her line who were having 'compliance' problems to get to the islands ... sounds like you will be just fine! Happy Travels! (We consider Heike a 'friend' from our Azamara travels but I didn't know she maintained a thread on CC ... if you can please post that ...)
  11. We have similar thoughts so we make it a practice to have a mid-day snack off the ship when in most ports, particularly when we've been to a port previously ... we will try their local specialty appitizer if available and their local specialty cocktail, wine, beer, etc.
  12. This is all correct ... but ... as you indicate it can change weekly/daily; https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2021/07/19/greek-islands-covid-documents-ferries-board-denied/
  13. My wife used to get top tier purses with our non-refundables ... we got too many even to give to relatives for x-mas ... 🙂 ... now we make a proper investment into the very best drink package!
  14. Mykonos, like many islands, has had a bit of a setback; https://www.ekathimerini.com/news/1164730/curfew-on-mykonos-as-covid-19-cases-rise/
  15. Like many, I enjoy the escargot (wife doesn't) ... we tend not to like the deserts offered in the MDR so we will often have a "Mudslide" at the bar for our desert. Their 'desert-like' recipe is as good as we've ever had.
  16. ... 🙂 ... It is amazing how men's hair likes to push out the ears and nose! ... I have long hair and only need a trim about every 6 weeks ... usually no problem on a cruise but my wife has trimmed it on occasion while cruising ... better job than a stylist!
  17. Yes ... I agree the 'big ships' are inherently invasive and polluting for a small port. I think a little more thought on this subject would have incentivized the Italian government to make their tonage regulation violation to be over 31,000 tons instead of 25,000 tons. This would have allowed a few 'small ship' cruise companies to still come to port. They are still allowing large commerical ships into port who are much larger than the 'small' cruise ships and are big polluters. The small ships have provided a financial benefit to many travel related businesses in Venice for many, many years with very little downside.
  18. Well said NLG ... it is such a simple way to do things whether on a new cruise ship or in a new country ... follow the rules!
  19. We've had some similar experiences with B&Bs ... the fear of interacting with others who have a different primary language is way overated ...
  20. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends the average adult consume 2 portions of fruit per day! Therefore, I rest my case on having at least 2 Sangria's per day! ... 🙂 ... However, to change it up, the weather yesterday was hot so I made Pineapple Pina Colada's for us ... I used Coconut Creme, Malibu Coconut Rum, and fresh pineapple. I served it on the rocks and we are thinking of having it again soon! “I drink to make other people more interesting.”― Hemingway, Ernest
  21. Yes ... one of the joys to us of a b2b is skipping the muster drill lecture on the 2nd leg! ... 🙂 ...
  22. We started out in cruising with Princess then have went to mostly Azamara with some Celebrity ... all has been good but we mostly have had verandas ... everyone is different, but we found by an accidental cabin placement that we actually enjoyed an inside/inside cabin ... by that I mean it was an inside cabin surrounded by other inside cabin isles ... the result was very little passenger traffic and high insulation from sound, even when the ship was docking. Happy Travels!
  23. Your getting great commentary from your post ... I suggest you also do a google search for "Azamara The Movie" ... this video is getting a little dated, but it still explains what is difficult for most of us who love Azamara to properly articulate ... many of the crew in the video are still with the company and still create the onboard experience many commentors are speaking to. These real comments from passengers on the video tell the Azamara story better than most of us could.
  24. The Martini Bar is a profit center for the ship. To me, the biggest plus to visiting the Martini Bar, no matter what you drink, is the bartenders. They put the most personable bartenders into the Martini Bar to help draw in the buesiness. Many are extremely clever and funny!
  25. We look for the best 'bang for the buck' since we try to limit our time inside the cabin. For years this was a balcony and with our cruising status we would get benefits like shining our shoes, washing our clothes, etc. However, we did once get an amazing deal on an inside cabin which was an 'inside/inside' cabin, meaning it had very little foot traffic. This turned out to be very pleasant as there was no ship noises when docking, no drunk guest stumbling, etc. We would get this type of 'inside/inside' cabin again at the right price point for overall value.
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