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  1. Again, thanks all for your advice. Have just booked our first trip - the Flam Railway, at half the price of Princess Cruises rate 😀
  2. Hi all Thank you each for your replies and the confirmation that we can 'go solo' if we want to work it - which with our experience we are well used to. There are clearly 'hidden depths' to this website - we have now found the roll call board for our cruise. It's been going for months, with some private trips already arranged and fully booked! 😊 Somewhat peeved to hear that some cruises tie up ports/tours with restrictions on selling to cruisers. But, how do they know? dogs4fun - it's the Norwegian Fjords cruise from/to Southampton, doing Stavanger, Flam, Olden, Tro
  3. Hi all First timers here, booked for the Crown Princess Norwegian Fjords cruise next June. First time cruisers, but seriously experienced travellers, especially since our retirement 3 years ago since when we have spent up to 6 months a year abroad. We understand there will be inclusions and items that will cost extra. And a whole new etiquette to get our heads around - Tipping.... drinks packages... dress codes. But - the shore excursion prices on this trip are, in our minds, extortionate, and we say that with our extensive first hand knowledge of location/city/district
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