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  1. Sorry. I got them round the wrong way. Both are good shows and show quite a bit of the ships.
  2. If I remember it was the Norwegian Fjords. They also did one on the Koningsdam. All seasons of the show are available in the UK on Discovery Plus. There is also a UK Channel 5 show called ‘Cruising With Jane McDonald’. Jane did two shows onboard the Noordam on her Australia/New Zealand.cruise. It was very interesting and would be helpful to anyone doing that itinerary.
  3. I was on Silhouette last week. The Skylounge was lovely and I spent a lot of time up there. As already stated most of the quizzes were held there. There was also events in the evening the most popular being the ABBA Singalong Party. The bar did not open officially open till 7.30 in the evening which surprised me. But there was a barman there from about 11.00am to service the outside decks. There was no problem walking up to the bar and getting a drink. During the quizzes they did have a bar steward walking around the room taking orders. I was just surprised it was not utilised more especially for pre-dinner drinks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. It won’t even let me take a new security photo. Just get the ‘No data available’ message. Not sure where I am going wrong.
  5. Is the Blue Lane the only option for UK cruises? When trying to upload the security photo just get the message ‘Data not available. Please try after sometime’. Won’t let me go any further.
  6. How does it compare to Britannia Club on Cunard and Club Orange on HAL?
  7. I think the steak was a sirloin. It always used to be a big production if you ordered the sirloin with the waiter having to get it signed off by the assistant maitre ‘d. But I noticed last time on the QM2 on November 2019 it was never a problem to order the sirloin. Slightly off topic but does anybody know why chateaubriand is available from the a la carte menu in Princess Grill on the QM2 but not on QE or QV?
  8. There is a good video tour on YouTube of Rotterdam VI now Fred Olsen’s Borealis. It looks like she has had quite a big refurbishment with a lot of the original artwork gone. Hopefully that artwork is now on Rotterdam VII.
  9. In the UK you have to go into your personal account and tick the box saying you would like to receive marketing emails from Princess. Not sure if it is the same in the US and Canada.
  10. Cunard has QM2 restarting her cruises on November 14th from Southampton then back in Southampton on December 10th and 15th. ABP Southampton has QM2 scheduled in Southampton on November 12th and 26th. Then December 10th, 15th and 28th. Is it a mistake by ABP Southampton?
  11. Sorry It should be $25 a day for under 14 days , $15 a day for over 14 days.
  12. Originally I was told $35 a day by my TA after they talked to HAL. After talking to HAL myself they confirmed it should be $15.00 a day for cruises over seven days, $25.00 for under seven days. I believe it is less for the non Pinnacle class ships. Not sure if it is a limited time promotion or the new pricing. There does seem to be some confusion.
  13. Thanks for the info. It sounds really nice
  14. Sorry, It’s $15 a night. Getting confused with another promotion.
  15. I am a bit confused. On the Princess website it says that if you book the same time for dinner every night you will have the same table and waiters. Is that not more like traditional dining.
  16. I am booked on the Rotterdam for 35 nights next April. I have recently upgraded to Club Orange for the $12 a night promotion. I am travelling solo and I am starting to get a bit nervous now that I will feel like the ‘wallflower’ as the restaurant seems to be geared for couples. Any feedback from solos who have been in the Club Orange restaurant?
  17. I was originally booked for the 7.15 traditional sitting on my Sky Princess cruise for next year. When the dining options first went live I could only get 7.40 for every night. Then it was saying I could not book dining until the full balance was paid. I spoke to my TA yesterday and she said that Princess were attempting to honour as close to your original traditional dining time as possible. Now the app is showing my dining is at 7.20 every night except for the first night at 7.40. So happy camper now. Just hope it stays that way
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