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  1. Coincidentally I watched your day one video before I found this thread! Your vlogs so far on Freedom are very helpful as we are strongly considering sailing on her over NYE!! Subscribed!
  2. You don’t have to wear your masks in the bars at all? Does this include the nightclub as well?
  3. Ahh, I didn't realize that regarding the new ships height but like you said hopefully it opens up smaller vessels in that market. Being from right near the Mason-Dixon line it isn't the most ideal to go to NYC for Bahamas/Florida on NCL. I know opening up Baltimore or Norfolk would really be enticing for those folks south of Maryland/DC!
  4. I think Baltimore would be an excellent port of call for one of the Leonardo class ships to compete with the Carnival Pride and Royal's Grandeur of the Seas but ONLY if, as we have all said, NCL is willing to expand their itineraries instead of the same old Bahamas/Florida. I've seen the Grandeur have 8 day itineraries that include Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Labadee Haiti, and Charleston while Carnival throws in Grand Turk. NCL really needs to change it up!
  5. Either do Option 2 or just don't cruise with them anymore. Best thing you can do is protest by not giving them your money. Let the market decide their fate.
  6. They were discussing this sailing on the NCL Latitudes Group facebook page. I would keep an eye on your reservations because people were saying that NCL acknowledged it was an error and aren't honoring the prices.
  7. Don't get the pass. Tried the go-karts on Encore and one or two times was enough. If the racetrack is the only reason or Number 1 reason you are going then go for it but it just isn't worth the money.
  8. I agree with you. One of my biggest complaints being from the Northeast is that NCL always has the same weeklong Bahamas/Florida Itinerary from New York whereas Carnival and Royal at least change it up. The last several cruises on NCL have been out of Miami for us and while we have grown to love cruising from there, we are beginning to get the same feeling from their itineraries down there too. It was a legit complaint I had and discussed with many within corporate while we were on the 2 Day Encore Inaugural in NYC last month.
  9. They were never that weak for us. Only a few times, but honestly even in those cases I wasn't too concerned because the cost for the Drink Package as a free at sea perk was still worth it compared to other cruise lines. I will say some nights in Bliss Ultra Lounge we were leaving nice tips for some bartenders and at that point they would load our drinks up!
  10. Sailing from Miami is my favorite, however I will agree with others in this thread regarding Miami Airport. While it is relatively close to the Port, we learned to always fly into Fort Lauderdale Airport with Southwest. It isn't too much further and the prices (at least from our departure airport) are much more reasonable than flying into Miami. We take a 30-45 minute Uber from FLL depending on traffic but we always fly the day before. We booked NCL Air for our cruise out of Miami this past November via Miami International Airport and it was horrendous. One of the worst airports I
  11. Like most, I have cruised on the same NCL ships multiple times. I am planning on changing it up in the future though! The NCL ships I have been on are: Gem Breakaway Sky Encore My favorite is the Gem. Maybe it is more of a sentimental pick just because it was the first NCL ship I have sailed on and it was the one that got me hooked and committed to NCL, but at least until now, it is my favorite (and most fun cruise). The Sky is really small and we will be sailing on her again for New Years in a few weeks. Breakaway has been a good ship as well. I was
  12. Thanks everyone for all of your comments - I am beyond excited! Can't wait to spend the holiday at sea!!!
  13. Lucky you! The Pool Deck festivities sound like they will be the most entertaining for the countdown especially with the ice carving. Does the party on the Pool Deck go on until a certain time after the countdown and then continue down at Bliss for the remainder of the night or do they continue separately? Thank you all for your answers!
  14. We live in Pennsylvania so for NCL cruises NYC is the closest port for us. Sailed on the Gem end of April/beginning of May in 2017 and the last day it was FREEZING. Since then we have just been cruising with NCL out of Miami because the weeklong itineraries to Bahamas/Florida from NYC have gotten so overused and repetitive. Hoping the new Leonardo class ships are small enough to sail out of Baltimore with hopefully different ports of calls..
  15. It is always enjoyable reading reviews like this. I feel like people are more inclined to write reviews and leave comments when they have bad experiences on trips so this is very refreshing. Glad you had a great trip!
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