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  1. This couldn't have anything to do with why rcl is slow paying refunds, right? 😉 Very little cash in the coffers. 2021 deposits don't offset months of paid in full refunds on canceled cruises.
  2. Spoke to a very nice person in the back office at RCL today named Shelby - some manager of sorts. She was very pleasant but unfortunately couldn't provide any additional information on when my 3 refunds would be issued, saying the latest guidance she has is 30 to 90 additional days as of last Friday night (something was "wrong" on my reservations which means the last 35 days no progress was made apparently since RCL canceled my May 3rd cruise). After hanging up I filed chargebacks and already have the money in my account. So, 35 days waiting for RCCL and getting jerked around and
  3. The two are used interchangeably and according to Google have the same meaning. Also the bit about NCL reviewing options for liquidity and "strategic alternatives" made the top news article on CNBC this morning. That's one small step before bankruptcy.
  4. NCL had poor financials prior to covid-19. They are the weakest of the 3 majors by far. If they do avoid major dilution or bankruptcy the company will be a shell of its former self. Just look at what has happened to carnival with their stock and debt offerings recently. And ccl is the strongest by miles when it comes to underlying financial position.
  5. They are going to have a lot of berths to sell. Royal has margin (they have the strongest margin levels of the 3 majors) to give up in exchange for higher revenue. Expect free perks to go up not down.
  6. My comment was in reference to my own experience canceling travel. I have no travel booked with ncl and therefore nothing to cancel with them. For the record, for anyone who does have ncl travel booked, be very cautious as they are the fast track to bankruptcy. Ncl has already hired bankers to evaluate their options as of a few days ago.
  7. It is COMPLETELY illogical to believe that there are practical/operational reasons as to why refunds must take 30, 45 or up to 90 days that some folks have been advised. The only reason this is happening is because of the cash strain on RCL's balance sheet. All of my other travel (airlines/hotels) interrupted by COVID-19 have been refunded within days after the request. Royal is the sole outlier. Tomorrow I am going to make additional efforts to gain some official word on when I can expect a refund. Late last week we were told that our refunds were not pro
  8. For a frame of reference, I am getting weekly or more often emails from the CEO of Delta on the status of the airline. My travel for my May 3rd cruise to BCN on Delta was canceled and I was able to process a refund (rather than a future use credit) online via Delta. The refund hit my card 2 days later. Delta continues to impress me. Clearly the best run of the US Airlines. Granted I realize that Delta is US based and received US government support (where as RCL has not) but my refund occurred weeks ago, long before the announcement two days ago that airlines had agreed to loan ter
  9. Spent two hours on the phone today hoping to get some insight into the new ETA on processing refunds (I am past 30 days on full payments for a cruise canceled by RCL 32 days ago). The first agent hung up on me, despite my polite request for more information, saying that I just have to be patient. The second agent forwarded me to a supervisor who said refunds will take an additional 45 days (calendar not business). Getting very difficult to not call BOA and dispute the transactions... I did that three days ago for $2000 worth of hotel reservations associate
  10. I completely agree with you @kajunkel225 The situation at the cruise lines is no doubt grave. I would think that the amount of total deposits that are due refunds from either cancellations by the company or requests under the cruise with confidence program is less than half those numbers however. Also not reflected in the numbers is all the cash CCL just raised in the bond and equity markets. If any company survives it will be CCL (and it hurts for me to say that because I am loyal to royal - but maybe less so after this nightmare).
  11. This is spot on accurate. It pains me to go the credit card dispute route for fear of creating more confusion and or, if rcl survives, losing my d+ status, but with over 15k at stake, and no formal communication in 35 days since rcl canceled my may cruise, I feel as though I've got no alternative. It's just too much money to risk should rcl default or the credit strain become even worse in their balance sheet.
  12. Time to issue charge backs. For those who are chase or Amex customers you're guaranteed to win the dispute if you're in a situation where rcl canceled your trip.
  13. The viability of rcl is in question at this point. The fact that no one, or very few, on cruise critic have received a refund from rcl is extremely concerning. The cash flow crunch must be horrendous. If rcl defaults I expect we will not be made whole. My family has over 15k being held ransom by rcl right now for cruises rcl canceled ok vee a month ago.
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