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  1. In a normal world I don't think they list our cruises at that time until sometime in May. This year maybe a little different
  2. We most probably wont be able to travel internally between different states until late Q3 or early Q4 this year although we will most probably be able to go between NZ and AUS before that. As for international travel, that will all depend on the virus levels from within the overseas country and the ability to control and seriously reduce the virus within the local community and the introduction of a vaccine that works . Sorry but the actions of some within your country at the moment are not being seen in a very good light and if people cant do the right thing then you wont get in here. I would
  3. Correct, we are both islands. Keep the countries which are flaunting restriction laws etc away and we can continue our way out of this. With NZ having no new cases in the past couple of days and AUS only having a small handfull, we will be able to travel between the 2 countries as long as we take care etc. In a country of over 25 million people we have done well to have less than 100 deaths. all figures are approx
  4. I cancelled out October cruise and November B2B on 1st April, received the full refund less the NRD this morning 6th May. (33 days or 24 business days)
  5. Hope thats not correct. I cancelled a B2B for Oct 2020 last week because both me and my wife lost our jobs. Waiting on $10000 and certainly cant wait until Nov-Dec to get our money back. We need to survive now!
  6. What may have been a good decision last year isn't necessarily good atm. To the OP consider your options carefully. The advise offered by myself, alirat 153 and Kiwi Kruzer indicates the current condition of downtown AKL. It really is a 4 block disaster zone
  7. Downtown Auckland around the bottom of Queen street/wharf area is a ***** fight at the moment, avoid it like the plague. Head for the Novotel at the airport
  8. If you are going to quote our language please have the courtesy to check your spelling.....Kia ora
  9. Youre on holiday, wear what ever you want on holiday. Go casual or dress up, you are not in a fashion parade or on show. You wont be judged
  10. someone said usb ports are beside the bed as well. I also am booked next october from sydney edit....oops, im talking ovation
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