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  1. Not 90 days worth of human intervention. Don't make excuses for poor behavior.
  2. Take the money and run. NCL may not be in business by the end of the year. Then you'll get nothing.
  3. I'm too busy having fun on my cruise to perform an inventory of leftover food on other passengers' plates.
  4. The large ships tend to do the 7 day routes. Take a look at the repo cruises. For example, I'm booked on an 11 day repo cruise on the Getaway in January 2021. We start in New York and end in Miami. It a great itinerary hitting the ABC islands.
  5. Nice write-up...fair and balanced. Thanks for taking the time to write a review.
  6. For me, it is definitely worth it. But I like to stay connected to the outside world. Some people want to completely to unplug. It really depends. Just remember the unlimited can be shared by everyone in the same cabin. But just one person at a time.
  7. For as much time and money it takes to achieve Ambassador level, NCL could do better. As my grandmother used to say "the juice ain't worth the squeeze"
  8. The ship has shampoo and body wash on but I bet you bring your own. Practice what you preach.
  9. I went to Cagney's on the Getaway last November and my filet mignon was cooked perfect. The lobster bisque not so much. They must have changed the recipe as I have loved it on previous dinners at Cagney's
  10. That comment has nothing to do with the quality of pizza but hey at least you padded your post count. Well done.
  11. Completely agree. It's just not worth the calories. They should just stop serving it if it is going to be that bad.
  12. The Sun has shower curtains. Welcome to Reality!
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