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  1. I flipped my 100 shares of Carnival into 100 shares of VTIQ which is now Nikola. Longterm projections are a Tesla type of rise.
  2. As for the original question, the answer is no for most cruise lines. Carnival might survive, indications is the can by the skin on their teeth. If they can't sail until January, I would expect a lessor experience when they start up because costs have to be cut.
  3. Actually, infections are trending down but the number of cases can only go up so he stated a fact. Statistics is a fun game...
  4. Rebooked on the Panorama from July 2020 to June 2021. Even got the same exact cabin plus the $600 OBC. I did sell my stock (101 Shares) and doubled my money.
  5. I sold my stock, bought 101 at $8 and sold 101 at $12. I think this ends poorly for Carnival...just my opinion but they have enough of my money tied up right now
  6. possibly, but it could be near the end for Carnival as we know it. Don't buy and sell if you have some
  7. We had a good room (Cloud 9 Spa balcony) so I want to make sure we get at least that
  8. Do current OBC's transfer or do I only have the $600 OBC now? My July cruise had me at $900 OBC (none of which was from a cancellation)
  9. Do we have to rebook the same type of room?
  10. Got that email. I know we get 100% cruise credit and $600 OBC but what if we paid for Cheers and Faster to the Fun? That better not become a credit toward a cabin...I might just take the full refund
  11. Mine disappeared for about a week and returned this morning, when you print the luggage tags. So who knows?
  12. They will have to sell off assets but will there be anyone to buy? CNN reported they are burning 500 million per month right now. At that rate they will go BK sooner than later.
  13. Everyone who has money tied up in Carnival will lose every penny when Carnival files for bankruptcy and that is what will happen if they are unable to sail this year.
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