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  1. I realize that I am probably the only one who can answer this, but I figured I could lay out all my cards and see if people could give advice. I am hooked on cruising, even though I've only actually been on one. I have scheduled four cruises, but three of them got cancelled due to Covid. Here's hoping the one in October isn't also going to get canceled. 😞 I loved the cruise because everything was paid for, planned out, and I didn't have to think about doing anything. I do apologize in advance- I can never say anything succinctly. My problem is finding people to go on cruises with. My financial situation is a bit unique amongst my circle of friends. While I am a workaholic, it gives me a comfortable amount of disposable income- i.e. enough to go on a cruise once a year without worrying about being able to pay bills. My friends and family are not in the same situation- they would have to save up for quite some time to go. Going out to dinner isn't a big swing, but saving $1,500-$2,000 is a bit more of a stretch, and I get it. Maybe there are cheaper lines to go with and I should explore more. Another problem is suitable travel companions. While I love most of my friends very deeply, they are also the kind of friends that one might not want to spend an entire week at sea with. There is only one I could picture traveling with that has the financial means, but she doesn't have any interest in a cruise. The friend I have traveled with is great to get away with, but she certainly can't afford a cruise every year and has said our next one will probably be our last together. My siblings are all married with children, and two of the three are teachers that don't really have flexible time off like I do. And while I like my coworkers, we try to keep a level of professional distance due to the fact that I'm in a supervisor role. I'm a single 30-year-old guy who is unlikely to find a partner in the near future due to... well, nothing bad but nothing I need to get into here. So while this may make solo cruises sound absolutely perfect for me, I am also very shy and very cautious. I would be nervous to travel on my own. When I was in Bermuda, I never even went past the port (excluding boating excursions). I even went to a few meet-and-greet events on board, but usually wound up staying in my own little corner because I don't do well mingling with strangers. I have a hard time inserting myself into groups and conversations, always feeling like I'm butting in. Anyone do solo traveling with either of the above issues? (Lack of travel companions and/or social awkwardness?) Any success/advice?
  2. I think they're high in general. But when you invest tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in ports and dredging and all the other stuff that goes with it, they have to recoup their money somehow.
  3. I got mine applied in less than 24 hours.
  4. You definitely should! It is going to be an awesome destination and a great time!
  5. If this is already covered somewhere else, please feel free to delete. I wanted to see what people felt about tipping on the ship, on top of the prepaid gratuities. I have pre-paid mine in general and for my drink package, and on my last trip, I only tipped the room steward. It wasn't because I was cheap, I just hate carrying cash around with me on the ship. When leaving the room, I only brought my room card and phone with me (except when getting off the ship in port). I don't like loose cash in my pocket for my own reasons, and my wallet is bulky. If you prepay your gratuities, is it still expected to tip? Am I the jerk if I don't? Like I said, I will leave a tip for the room steward at the end of the week and perhaps if I get a massage or something, but otherwise, are my prepaid gratuities enough?
  6. Hi Everyone, Just looking to see if anyone is going on this cruise in a few months out of New York. First time on the Breakaway, and so excited because there will be more people on board than the last cruise I did (Gem), so more chances to meet fellow community members.
  7. Just posting this to see if anyone is taking the Gem out of Boston in October to Bermuda. Was not impressed with the LGBTQ meet-and-greet "organized" by Norwegian last time, so I thought this might have a better result!
  8. Hi Everyone! First Christmas Cruise this December out of New Orleans (I hope). Wanted to see if there are other LGBT cruisers going on this amazing trip.
  9. I just went in October. The food was fine- nothing to write home about. But the ship and crew were excellent.
  10. I just went on a cruise at the end of October on the Gem. We ate once in the MDR (had pork- tasted good, but the portion was TINY). We also ate at Magenta's, where I had the lamb and that was amazing. Also tried O'Sheerans (spelling?) twice, and the food was pretty good. It was bar-style, nothing fancy. But we weren't looking for anything fancy. Otherwise, mostly ate at the buffet because I never knew what I wanted and knew I could pick and choose what to get there. Plus, I LOVED eating out on the back deck in the open. Maybe I have an easier time with food selection, but every time I ate at one of the sit-down restaurants, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. There were always at least two options that I had to pick between. It may not have been 5-star quality, but it was certainly edible and I enjoyed not having to cook. And I don't eat any kind of seafood, so that narrowed it down by several selections.
  11. Just trying to see if anyone else in the community is going to be going on the Boston->Bermuda Trip between April 24-May 1 of 2020. I really enjoyed my last trip, but the LGBT gatherings were so poorly organized. Literally, it was show up to a certain area with NO indication of who was there for the gathering and who was there just to get a drink. There was also a lounge on each side of the bar, so it could have been one of three places. Looking to meet some new friends on this trip.
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