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  1. Ohio-C-Luver

    Formal dress

    Not so many evening gowns, more evening pants and sparkly tops and sometimes just dressy casuel-its really up to you, much more casuel now. Sent from my SM-N920V using Forums mobile app
  2. LOL Maybe it's a clothing optional cruise! Good Catch killtheup. Still ROTHFLOL
  3. Ohio-C-Luver

    Little Known Cruise Essentials

    We love our projection clock, it projects the time on the ceiling so you can just quickly look for reference in the night!
  4. Ohio-C-Luver

    Little Known Cruise Essentials

    We always pack an extention cord, but have found packing one of those multible plugs by the vanity is very handy. A multible plue allows for a curling iron, and maybe a room freshner to be used at the same time along with plugging in the chargers at night. You can plug multible things with those 3 to 6 outlet plugs and it's easier to pack if you're worried about weight. Don't forget the Duck tape or a small pad of sticky notes to post requests for the room steward.:) Jan
  5. Ohio-C-Luver

    Aft of Hump Cabin

    We had a aft but got our hump cabin, do you like to watch the wake (aft) or do you prefer convinence (hump) close to elevators and stairs! Very Nice and our preference!
  6. Ohio-C-Luver

    getting to venice

    Hi Terry, Thanks so much for the info. We're sailing next year aboard the Equinox and flying into Venice and revisiting our lost love before flying to Rome to board our ship. Notiiced that you are from here also. We live in Orient OH now but are from Columbus also. Just wanted to say Hi neighbor also! Jan
  7. Ohio-C-Luver

    Nov.26,2012 - Western TA on Equinox-Cabin ?

    We are going to be neighbors, we just booked 1405 two weeks ago! Hey neighbor, now we just have the long wait! Jan
  8. Ohio-C-Luver

    Allen Marine Tour questions

    We were on the Allen Marine out of Sitka last September, a ships tour with RCCL, it was one of the best Wildlife tours ever! We saw lots of whales, eagles, sea otters, and even Bear's come down to the beach and catch salmon it was wonderful! Jan
  9. We would cancel just prior to final payment. WE have no OBC due us, we booked way in advance and booked an inside cabin. We have a great location, which is why we are hesitating abit and just mulling this matter over. Just wanted to hear from those that might have done it. According to our TA, we would not incur any penalties, and get a full refund on our deposit as we would cancel just a day prior to final payment. Hope this makes the picture more clear. May or may not due this, but just wanted to hear of experiences from others. Thanks everyone for your input! :)
  10. Airfare and hotel's already paid for. We wouldn't cancel if the ship is nearly full, but if it's half empty at final payment time, we're sorely tempted to take a chance on a better and cheaper cabin (I'll use that web site we can't name on this forum to find out) I'm very tempted as we're seniors, past cruisers etc.
  11. Has anyone tried this? I talked with our TA, while we would not incur any losses, except to maybe lose anytime dining. We have an inside cabin booked already, but now thinking maybe an OV would suit our tastes, but alas is about $400 more than our early booked inside cabin. I've ready where alot of people said they'd never book early again due to the price drops after final payment, but has anyone actually done this? We are so tempted to try this to save some extra money to spend elsewhere on the cruise! Thanks in advance for anyone with this type experience! Bon Voyage'
  12. Ohio-C-Luver

    Booked seattle sheraton hotel (4 star) in jun

    We were lucky, won a priceline bid at the Downtown Sheraton 4 star on 6th for $125/night pre and post cruise in mid and late Sept. We might have won a cheaper bid if we waited till later but didn't want to chance it. Other's on our cruise, won the Renassiance downtown for $125/night also. Good Luck!
  13. Ohio-C-Luver

    Excursions 2011-when can you book?

    We aren't sailing to Alaska until Sept, and last year we were booked with independants by this time, and we've already booked and placed deposits this time. We are whale watching in ISP (Hoonah) and fishing and whale watching in Juneau all on private charters. The private charters book up early, so we make our choices and act quickly! Good Luck! We have Alaska Fever!!!! We just can't see enough! :D Jan
  14. Ohio-C-Luver

    September? A good month for a cruise?

    Even our Capt told us we had the best weather of the entire 2010 season. :pThe only day we had a little drizzle (about an hour) is when we first arrived in Victoria after our Alaska stops. We had absolutely dark blue cloudless skies, and were in our shirt sleeves by noon most days. :D You do need to pack raingear, gloves hats etc, and even thermies if you intend to view the Glaciers from the open decks on the ship or look for the Aurora B at night when the ship is sailing at 22 knots! Yikes, it does get a bit nippy on the helipad then!!! We had such a good time, we decided to give it another go next Sept. and are willing to take the risk!! Hope you have a great cruise!:) Jan