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  1. I was thinking about it but with the way i feel right now, i don't know if i ever want to cruise again!
  2. I'm prone to motion sickness so wasn't surprised that when i went on my MSC Seaside Cruise Feb. 22-29 that I got sea sick. I work the little patch behind my ear which helped alot. I returned on Saturday and still feel like i'm on the ship. I'm nauseous, dizzy, and feel like the room is rocking. I read this can last for a few days to weeks. Does anyone have any tips of things to try that might help make this feeling go away quickly???
  3. Thank you everyone. I'm a planner so not having my documents yet of course is making me anxious. lol
  4. Sailing in 10 days, haven't gotten my cabin number yet but have done necessary online checkin things. For people who have sailed msc before, do you get your travel documents by email or is there someplace on the site you can get them? Also, how can you upgrade your cabin, i saw some people have gotten the option to bid on an upgrade, how does that work and what is the normal cost?
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