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  1. Thanks. Yes, kinda pricey for the Melia. I’ll check the Hilton.
  2. What are recommendations for a day pass for a 5 and 6 year old. We have done Junkanoo beach in the past and they enjoyed that. It doesn’t have to be all-inclusive as we don’t drink alcohol and the kids are very light eaters. Wanting a place with a good pool and beach.
  3. Thanks for all of the advice, especially figuring in the cost for luggage.
  4. Due to date restrictions we are looking at a cruise leaving Barcelona. I would like to spend time in Rome (more than the one day our port stop would allow). Is it doable to fly into Rome several days before the cruise and then fly with Ryanair or a similar budget carrier to Barcelona? Any cons on this matter is greatly appreciated. Also, recommendation on air. This will be our first trip to Europe so unsure of logistics. Thanks
  5. Glad to hear - we took it because our future DIL had never been on a cruise and had a little anxiety about a7 day cruise. It appeared they were trying to attract the Carnival crowd. Was so disappointed in RCCL on so many levels on this cruise.
  6. Just returned from a 4 night cruise. Haven’t cruised RCCL in about 4 yrs. I understand wearing “what you want “ but obviously there is NO dress code, at least on Mariner. In the MDR bathing suits with see through cover ups were allowed - with flip flops. We saw that on multiple nights. It was quite common to see board shorts or gym shorts and flip flops on the guys. Are there no rules any longer fleet wide or just this ship? This was our 4th cruise in 14 months (all different cruise lines) and this was the first time I’ve seen this.
  7. We have been to Nassau approximately five or six times. This time we booked an all day charter with Island Time charter. we stopped at four snorkeling spots, seeing many colorful fish, stingray, and loggerhead turtles. We also fished and went to Rose Island where some of our fish was grilled for lunch. There were four adults; one person was timid of the water and had never snorkeled before. They worked with her and was very informative and patient. Captains Brent and Shaquille were extremely safety conscious and took great pride in their job. This was our favorite time in Nassau!
  8. Just got back. We did not enjoy this stop. This was our first time there. We just got back from Disney castaway cay 3 months earlier and loved it, tons of shade. Here at CC - Hot!!!! No breeze. Had a bungalow. Our food did not get to us til after 1. It was so soggy we could not eat it. The buns were soaked and fell apart, as did the tacos. By that time the grill service was over. Most people only stayed at their bungalow half the time due to heat. Low tide when we arrived and you could not get into the water due to shallowness and the “grass” I was extremely disappointed in the amount of shade.
  9. Just got back. I do not see how they will be finished by January- a long way to go. Maybe March at the earliest.
  10. ssbeard1


    We did that a few years back. Actually our taxi driver got us in (he knew someone) - just to the aquarium part. Felt it was a totally waste of time. Would have been super upset if we paid extra. We weren’t there 20 minutes.
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