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  1. The problem with AC - you have to keep key card in slot for AC and power - after the first night I remembered you could put any card in the slot to activate it, so I used our AAA card. Also if you want to go out in balcony it will disable the AC - we had to take turns going out. It was around 90F each day we were there and the room got hot quickly. Ask for a room in the back side or as high as possible if you’re not used to loud city noises. Otherwise perfect location.
  2. We stayed there 2 weeks ago. No shuttle. We prebooked through CatTaxi - would highly recommend. They were waiting with our names outside baggage claim. Cheaper than a regular taxi if you book round trip. Very responsive to questions.
  3. In Rhodes we did a small group yacht tour through half priced tours. It was great and highly recommend. On Corfu our booked tour canceled last minute. We walked around the town. Check out Toms Olive Wood - if interested I can give vague directions.
  4. Just returned a few weeks ago from 3 days precruise and 2 days post cruise in Athens and 6 islands on the cruise. Here is our itinerary: CatTaxi - we used them for pickup and drop offs for hotel, cruise port and airport. We also booked Delphi/Meteora overnight tour with them - this was post cruise with port pickup. Their service was far beyond our expectations. This was by far our favorite tour and tour company. They accept CC payment. We did an Ancient Corinth, Epidaurus, Nafplion, Mycenae tour with PK Travel with a licensed tour guide precruisr. This company was excellent (we had booked them months before learning of CatTaxi). They require cash payment at end of tour. Next, 10 tastes of Athens through Withlocals - we chose Eleni and were less than pleased with her tour. One - she was 10-15 minutes late for a 3 hr tour and it was through in less than 2 hours. Part of her 10 tastes was a stop at a meat shop where we sampled 2 salamis, 2 cheeses, a bread and 3wines - that was 8 of our 10. Then we had a kabob at one stop snd ice cream at another. Met people on our ship that did same tour but with Demetri and it was entirely different with all sorts of stops and tastings, lasted 3 full hours and he was on time. Was worried pre-tour because Eleni was not the best at communicating. Booked a tour of acropolis and museum with TakeWalks (we had a large credit from canceled tours in Italy last year). Our guide was Ok. But definitely recommend doing this tour with a licensed guide. And enter at 8 AM when the Acropolis opens ! Iraklion, Crete - 7 hr tour with Heraklion Taxi. Did Gortyn, Phaistos, and Matala. Excellent tour and driver. would highly recommend. Rhodes- did a full day yacht and snorkeling tour of 3 separate coves through half priced tours. Our cruise ship changed port hours a few weeks before (we came in and left earlier). They went above and beyond working with us. We were with 3 other couples from the boat who we met on cruise critic. Mykonos - We did a tour of Delos through the ship (this tour started 2 hrs earlier than a self booked tour could). Going to Delos was like herding cattle. Soooo many tour operators. Katakolon (Olympia) - did a tour through Nassos Vlassopoulos with a guide assistant (could not go into Olympia with us but gave excellent discussion prior to our entry). We also stopped at a honey bee farm, nunnery, ate lunch and brief stop at beach. Would highly recommend for tours. Corfu - booked Taste of Corfu through TripAdvisor. This company canceled the night before (being on a cruise ship this was very problematic). Walked around the Old Town. Found a great shop for Olive Wood items. It was Toms. He has his own shop and has been doing this for 50+ years. Please don’t buy from the “made in China” shops. His business has suffered greatly since these shops opened up several years ago. The difference in quality is very visible. Santorini- booked a 4 hr tour to see some of the island. Hated I didn’t get a lot of photo opportunities. lots of tour operators to choose from. Can not highly recommend ours, but average tour. There have been discussions on getting euros prior to leaving or at ATM’s in Greece. We did both and found we saved about 5 cents on the USD getting from a bank ATM in Athens - so not a big difference. Definitely prebook taxi transfers. We stayed at Athens Gate Hotel - probably wouldn’t choose them again, but friendly hotel and perfect location. Our issue had more to do with A/C and noise from busy road.
  5. Yikes. Didn’t think about spring breakers and definitely don’t want the grands in that atmosphere at their age. several years ago I booked through a site recommended on CC that had a great discount for hotel , pickup and drop off at airport was $2 per room. I can not find that site mentioned or hotel.
  6. We will need 3 rooms. It’s my adult kids, spouses and grands. I was hoping for less than $250 a room, even better less than $200, as I will be paying for all 3 rooms. If the hotel is close to kid fun activities that can trump a pool.
  7. We use Uber from POM to FLL. Do allow extra time in case of traffic, but very doable.
  8. We will need a hotel 1 night post cruise. Since we will be at the hotel early need one with a great pool for an 8 and 6 yr old. I will need 3 rooms so would prefer one that is reasonably priced. We have only stayed precruise in FLL and cruised out of Miami.
  9. We will be a family of 8 with a 6 and 8 yr old. What’s the best way to see the sloths and monkeys and then a good beach with great swimming - would like a good deal on transportation.
  10. Will be in Allure of the Seas from FLL in March. Looking to book airfae - trying to decide if we need to wait for the next day to fly out. Are ships sailing now? If so does anyone have experience of when disembarkation may begin ?
  11. We just finished pre and post in Athens. Outside of Athens we had a one day tour with PK Travel to Ancient Corinth, Canal, Epidaurus, Mycenae, and Nafplion with a driver snd licensed guide - pickup and drop off at hotel. I highly recommend a licensed guide for the archeological sites. This was a full day. The guide spoke excellent English. we also did a 2 day trip with CatTaxi - picked us up at port with trip to Delphi and overnight in Meteora and then full day there with drop off late that evening at our hotel in Athens. This was by far our favorite tour of our entire 2 weeks! I would recommend both companies , however with CatTaxi we never felt rushed or felt like we were on a time schedule, except getting to Meteora in time for sunset (at my request). There were numerous stops along the way and returning - stops no other tour company would take the time to do. They do a variety of tours and will book them exclusively the next time in Athens. I would recommend a private guide for any archaeological site to help you understand what you are seeing.
  12. We booked with CatTaxi. Highly recommend. Taxis in Greece are known for scamming tourists with higher prices. It should be around 35 euros from airport to downtown. catTaxi offered discount when booking round trip.
  13. We just returned from our cruise. We arrived 3 days early and stayed 2 days afterwards. Our favorite thing we did was book a tour of Delphi and Meteora- they picked us up at the port after our cruise, overnighted in Meteora and then returned us to The hotel of our. Choosing in Athens. Our tour was with CatTaxi. Out of all of our tours CatTaxi was the best - lots of stops for photos and didn’t feel hurried. Most other tour companies went from point A to point B. They also do other tours in Athens. We also used them for pickup and returns to and from airport and port/hotel. One thing I learned - have your taxi for port pickup prebooked - they scam you at the port.
  14. I’m sure with several ships in port most restaurants will open for a 1 o’clock lunch in the town. We don’t do breakfast- usually an early lunch and supper.
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