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  1. I'm 100% lost. Had to cancel our cruise since our children can't come(too young for vaccine). Just spent 30 minutes on the phone with carnival and they said I could take the credit and re-book the cruise for a later date. My obc is also supposed to be intact. But when I go on my cruise planner there is nothing there. No credits, no "proof" that I was ever scheduled/ paid for the previous cruise. They have also sent nothing to my e mail. Anyone have this issue and can give me advice? I'd rather not spend another 30 minutes on the phone. Thanks in advance
  2. Cruises with non-consecutive sea days allow 6 month olds onboard.
  3. It's not official, it just what NCL is presenting to the CDC. Hasn't been approved.
  4. Curious how cruise lines will check for vaccinations? Some people got cards, others got a receipt, some got neither, some took photos, some were told not to take photos, and some have already lost or ruined whatever piece of paper they were given. There is no vaccine passport, so will this just be a checklist/ honor system thing?
  5. Just to clarify, this was a cruise to Nowhere? You didn't make any port stops or have excursions.
  6. Do you have any updates/ details on what is different in regards to Covid? Do you have to wear a mask everywhere? Sign up for all activities? Limited seating? Etc..
  7. Yes, for pre-dinner virgin drinks. But she can't "sit" at the bar. She has to take her drink and stand/sit elsewhere.
  8. Sometimes you can call Carnival and ask for an extension on your final payment.
  9. When we went there was everything from babies to young teens. About 13 was the oldest I saw, but it's possible that's because the tweens spent so much time in the lounge playing video games that the older ones went to other locations to hang out.
  10. This is tough because those cruise options are 100% different. Would you rather go to Alaska or Mexico? 5 days or over a week? Been on both ships and they are both good. Given the differences noted above, the ship really doesn't matter imho. I personally, would rather go to Alaska, though Carnival Miracle is one of my favorite ships. But I would chose 10 days to Alaska over a 5 day cruise on any ship. But that's me. What sort of vacation would you rather do is the question.
  11. 6 months. Family vacations are about making memories. Cruising with a toddler was a little more difficult, but the toddler years were more difficult in general...
  12. We have a 2022 and a 2023 planned. Only about 30 months until sailing! 😄
  13. Many all inclusives are already open and operating. Masks are not required. Source: have 1 planned as our back up assuming our November cruise will be cancelled.
  14. Not nearly as bad as the rules for I think it was Aida(also Carnival owned). They also had limits on numbers in the pool, family only in hot tubs, and shows segregated by age. Regardless, it's still a big no for me.
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