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  1. When we went there was everything from babies to young teens. About 13 was the oldest I saw, but it's possible that's because the tweens spent so much time in the lounge playing video games that the older ones went to other locations to hang out.
  2. This is tough because those cruise options are 100% different. Would you rather go to Alaska or Mexico? 5 days or over a week? Been on both ships and they are both good. Given the differences noted above, the ship really doesn't matter imho. I personally, would rather go to Alaska, though Carnival Miracle is one of my favorite ships. But I would chose 10 days to Alaska over a 5 day cruise on any ship. But that's me. What sort of vacation would you rather do is the question.
  3. 6 months. Family vacations are about making memories. Cruising with a toddler was a little more difficult, but the toddler years were more difficult in general...
  4. We have a 2022 and a 2023 planned. Only about 30 months until sailing! 😄
  5. Many all inclusives are already open and operating. Masks are not required. Source: have 1 planned as our back up assuming our November cruise will be cancelled.
  6. Not nearly as bad as the rules for I think it was Aida(also Carnival owned). They also had limits on numbers in the pool, family only in hot tubs, and shows segregated by age. Regardless, it's still a big no for me.
  7. Really, oops, guess my math is wrong. In that case, they will be waiting until after Aug 17. Sincerely, 3 cancelled cruises (so far). 2 after final payment, the other due to Radiance moving.
  8. We loved Family Harbor with young kids. It's so convenient with the lounge right there. Good variety for breakfast and sandwiches and such for lunch and dinner. Also coffee, drinks and an ice cream machine. A lot of the tweens/ teens seemed to make friends and hang out and watch tv and play video games. Plus the hallways are larger. We had no issues with noise and would book again except we didn't like the ship at all.
  9. So you mean anyone can pay a deposit of just $50 and get a return of $50 plus $600 when The Cruise gets cancelled? No they are waiting until all the final payment dates for the October cruises have passed, so you can't get $600 credit after paying only $50. The last payments for October cruises are due tomorrow 😉
  10. You are probably correct, and they will probably not- at least not at the level expected from non Covid 19 times. If they cancel you, you will get credit.
  11. They didn't let us do that, but we had 2 upcoming cruises so used the cancelled 2 to pay for each. Sometimes it depends on who you get on the phone.
  12. We stayed in 4237-it's great. One of the largest on the ship.
  13. Summer and fall cancelled. Planned far out so it would be sure to sail. Our cruise for 2022 was just cancelled. Not splurging because we don't think we're ever going to make it on a ship!
  14. So these are all cancellations due to ship movement and nothing regarding the current Pandemic. Probably will be another announcement soon in regards to October/ November sails. Possibly after final payments have been processed.
  15. What a mess, I'm adding this to my reasons to never use a TA
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