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  1. Thanks for the info,has anyone brought the small hand held steamer to remove wrinkles?
  2. Sailing on the Carnival Sunshine next week,should I bring an iron or will there be one available in our room? Many Thanks
  3. Coming up on our Cruise in March on The Sushine leaving Charleston to the Bahamas.I cant be alone with concerns.thoughts? Thanks so much
  4. As usual I appreciate all the responses,any ever bring one bottle for each carry on,? Or am I pushing it? Many thanks
  5. As usual ,I appreciate the info.anyone ever bring one bottle for each carry on or am I pushing it? Again many thanks
  6. Long time Cruiser here,first time going out of Charleston,a 90 min drive.leaving on the Carnival Sunshine.Never brought any wine on any cruise line.thinking about this time trying to save some$$ I read about the corking fee of $15.it would be for room only.any thoughts about bringing wine on board?I'm all for following the guidelines and possibly bending those guidelines within reason Many Thanks
  7. Thanks for the heads up and the date,that was very helpful.we booked 7331.any tips,thoughts are much welcomed
  8. Besides noise,I was concerned with residual smoke from the casino.thanks for taking the time to answer.I believe it was cruise critic that I read deck 7 is your best option.wanted to hear it from you guys
  9. Which room on the carnival sunshine is quieter.6337 or 7331.I know the casino is deck 6 and concerned about noise.
  10. Looking for guidance,if you had to pick one of these 2 rooms which would it be.room 6337 or 7331.on the carnival sunshine.I know the casino is on deck 5.
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