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  1. NorthernNeighbour

    Costa Fortuna Review 3/30-4/6

    Can you answer a question for me? On many ships now, the LIFE BOAT DRILL is done indoors with the passengers seated. Is this the case on the FORTUNA? I ask since my wife has trouble standing for long periods of time. We want to go on the FORTUNA and would like to know in advance if she should request a wheel chair for the drill exercise. Also, was there a lot of queuing at check-in to board? Thanks in advance for answering this.
  2. NorthernNeighbour

    Massdam Theme Nights?

    On cruises we have been on in recent years, prior cruisers did not care for or attend the 'theme nights'. I guess most of us have 'been there, done that'.
  3. NorthernNeighbour

    How does Carnival compare?

    Just my opinion -- but CARNIVAL is strictly 'down market'.
  4. NorthernNeighbour

    First F3 class ship's name...

  5. NorthernNeighbour

    Can NCL do this????

    Don't trust this e-mail without further investigation. It may be a SCAM to steal your identity. If it is legit and comes from NCL, then they should have no problem sending you a letter. I would take NO ACTION just based on the e-mail.
  6. NorthernNeighbour

    Gem 4/12/08 Lots of Questions????

    There are two main dining rooms -- the GRAND PACIFIC and the MAGENTA. We found the serovice in the MAGENTA to be better than the GRAND PACIFIC. If you go to the MAGENTA, ask the hostess if you can be seated at a table with the waiter LEWIS MORGAN and his assistant AGNESS. Great service!!!
  7. NorthernNeighbour

    Disembarkation before final port

    Does anyone know if NCL will allow disembarkation before final port? We are interested in the TRANSATLANTIC from New York to Barcelona but would like to disembark at Nice (the penultimate port of call) to avoid the crowds disembarking in Barcelona. In the past, we have done such 'before last port' disembarkations on HAL (with permission from their head office). Does NCL also allow this on a Transatlantic? If so, I assume it requires prior permission. (Of course, I realize we still have to pay the full cruise fare.)
  8. NorthernNeighbour

    2009 Schedule

    Does anyone know when the NCL 2009 schedule will be out, in full? I know they are listing some cruises already for early 2009 -- but we are looking to see what TRANSATLANTICs will be offered.
  9. NorthernNeighbour

    Bottle water on the NCL Star

    The tap water on the ship is among the purest drinking water anywhere in the world. No need to bring bottled water on board -- unless you want the 'fizzy' kind.
  10. NorthernNeighbour

    Holy Week on Gem - any other Catholics?

    If there is a priest on the GEM during holy week, he'll probably find it quite 'decadent'. There's a reason they call one of the bars the BLISS LOUNGE!!! On a recent GEM cruise, there were no Christian services. But there were Sabbath services for the Jewish community -- but I believe it was either self-organized or a Rabbi happened to be on the cruise. In any event, Sunday was a 'port' day and there was a church not far from the dock.
  11. NorthernNeighbour

    Spirit Specialty Restaurant Menus

    Trust me, the modest surcharges are worth it. However, DW and I found the food in the main dining room just fine (no complaints). But some of the surcharge places made for excellent value for the extra money -- at least one or two nights during the cruise.
  12. NorthernNeighbour

    High Chairs?

    On the GEM, they were NOT available in the restaurants. However, if you let them know ahead of time, one of the waiters will go get one from the GARDEN CAFE. Especially at Cagney's which is only one deck from the GARDEN CAFE. There, they have to get them on demand since the penthouse crowd has their breakfast and lunch at Cagney's.
  13. NorthernNeighbour

    Penthouse cell phones

    The butler always called us in the morning about 5 minutes before delivering our breakfast. It was nice to have the phone to use if we happened to be on the balcony or in the loo.
  14. NorthernNeighbour

    Garden Villias- pro and con

    We booked a PENTHOUSE SUITE on the GEM and got an 'upsell' offer to a COURTYARD VILLA -- but decided NOT to take it. The COURTYARD VILLA is approximately the same size as the PENTHOUSE SUITE but you pay a lot extra just to have access to the private area -- the 'ship within a ship'. Just fine if that is your cup of tea -- but we basically wanted all the luxury in the suite (which we got) and were quite content to 'mingle' with the other passengers as well as the Courtyard crowd, since we saw them every morning at Cagney's for breakfast. Just out view (others may see it differently) but we found the PENTHOUSE SUITE an excellent value for the price -- not the most expensive but still with lots of perks!!! We did not feel that paying at least $2000 extra for the ultra private courtyard area was worth it. But, it that's your cup of tea, go for it!
  15. NorthernNeighbour

    Toiletries on the Dream

    This is true even for the penthouse suites. We got the same bathroom amenities as all the other cabins. Anything else, you will need to bring yourself -- or buy it in the duty free shop on the ship. They have a lot of 'travel size' items there -- we always have a look to see what we can pick up (to avoid packing large containers of stuff).