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  1. I did not see that until later.
  2. What some of you don't seem to understand is that I was ok with the the chance of a downgrade. The problem that I had is that I originally booked a Veranda. I was later assigned a room on level 4 and then talked into joining their club orange which among other things included an (upgrade) to a better Veranda location. When i was downgraded 6 days before departure, I was not offered a refund on the club orange or the difference in the fare of the Veranda to the Ocean view. I don't care who you are or what fare you paid be it Industry, Military, AARP, or any other discount. You should at least get the difference of the fare paid. Nothing was offered! I was only told by the Manager that "I'm sorry but that is the best we can do." After much complaining on the way it was handled, I was called on day we were supposed to fly to New Zealand and told that if I wanted to go I could and have the Veranda that I originally booked. When I asked about the "Oversale" I was told that they weren't really oversold. That tells me that it is a game they play because most people will continue with the downgraded room and take the trip. Had I been offered the compensation originally, I would have continued with the trip. I could have saved about $800 on the cruise and booked 2 weeks later and paid full fare for the same room. This is why I believe Holland America Sucks!
  3. I booked a discounted fare through an agency and told by HAL that a cabin would be assigned
  4. I was very much aware of the bumping procedures. The problem that I had was that I paid for a Veranda and they gave me a ocean view with no offer of a refund for the difference in cabin. To me that is a bait and switch and they were forcing me to take it without a refund. No one should pay for any product and have to accept something lesser without a refund. There was the same cruise 2cweeks later and the full fare was $400 cheaper per person. I have interlined many years and have been bumped, but never treated like this. I enjoy the benefits but if a company is going to do this they should not even offer the discount.
  5. I was and have since found out that Holland America is the only cruise line that does this. I have been on 6 other cruise lines and never had this happen when cabin is assigned. The real problem that I had is that they refused to refund the difference of the room paid for and the one that they downgraded me to. Also on day of departure (I had to fly to Auckland) they called and offered original cabin back and said they really weren't oversold.
  6. Once you are assigned a specific cabin, it should not be sold again and taken out of their inventory.
  7. Not agency problem. HAL is the one who took my money issued me a boarding card for cabin, talked me into upgrading to their club orange, issued me another cabin in midship and then sent me an email 6 days before my departure saying that I was downgraded due to overbooking after I was assigned a cabin in the bottom of the ship with a port hole. I called and complained but they told me that that was the best they could do. I was not offered any compensation for the difference of cabin paid for or why they were overbooked. I wrote to head of Holland America and Carnival and told sorry. There was the same cruise 2 weeks later and I could have paid full fare and gotten it for $400 cheaper. Not offered either. The day that I was originally scheduled to leave they called me and said that I could go on the same cruise in the cabin that I paid for. When I asked about their overbooking , I was told that they were not really overbooked. They downgraded because they can most people would still go on the cruise. I cancelled because I was not going to be forced to take something that ;I didn't want or pay for. My entire 3 week trip was ruined because of their lack of Customer Service and money grab.
  8. I booked this cruise for the itinerary. I booked a discounted Veranda on the cruise in September that I wanted and was told that cabin would be assigned at port. Several weeks before departure I was assigned a cabin on level 4. They talked me into an upgrade to a better room and other perks through their Club Orange and was assigned a cabin on level 5 mid-ship. 6 days before departure I received an email from Holland America that something had changed on my reservation. I checked and found a different cabin number on the bottom of the ship with a port hold. I called to find out what happened and was told that it was overbooked and I was downgraded. This is after I was already assigned a cabin (twice). I was offered no compensation for difference in price or another accommodation on another cruise. They would not cancel my cruise or give me my money back. They said "this is the best we can do". I cancelled my trip because I did not get what I paid for and it would have been a miserable 3 week vacation because of this. I wrote to the President of Holland America and Carnival and they told me that there would be no refund as I had cancelled the trip. I looked on line and they had the same exact cruise 2 and 4 weeks later and I could have paid full fare and gotten the Veranda for $400 cheaper. On the day that I was originally scheduled to leave to Auckland, I received a call from customer relations and they advised me that I could have the same cruise and cabin if I still wanted to go, I asked about the overbooking and was advised that they were not really overbooked. It sounded like a money grab to me and downgraded me because they could and most people would take the trip anyways. This was my first and last experience with Holland America as they are lacking in any kind of customer service. The agency that I used told me that they would take HAL off of their website if they could because of poor customer service but have to keep it to service some of their other customers, but they no longer actively market them. I refused to take a product that I didn't want or pay for.
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