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  1. As always governments will bail out firms and industries that suit them and their friends and allies.
  2. And of course what's to say people will be allowed to work on ships just now? Is it safe to have a few hundred workers on board if you cant have passengers? It's all part of the current madness.
  3. And now it seems the government plan is about to change too Massive lockdown expected. So the herd immunity plan looks like it's off now Welcome to the modern day dark age.
  4. No they haven't. But who do you think has been advising all of these separate organisations? Football wouldnt stop for anything in the uk unless someone was pressuring them.
  5. If the government allowed Manchester united to play soccer tomorrow there would be 70,000 there.
  6. Oh give over. Yes everything in now banned in the uk. Banned by a scared government and a rabid scaremongering press. But fear didnt stop 70,000 every day at Cheltenham this week. It didnt stop our national conference on Thursday night or visits to many very busy pubs afterwards. It didnt stop myself and family going out to a very busy restaurant last night either. I was working in London all week and everyone is cracking on as normal. But of course the bbc this morning is searching like mad to fi
  7. As if getting a virus and being quarantined wasnt it. This would flip over the egde, or maybe even overboard.
  8. I am sorry but the way people are talking about the end of the cruise industry is just self fulfilling nonsense. Its almost like some want it to happen. And whats wrong with the cruiseline giving credits instead of a cash refund? The cruise industry isnt to blame for coronavirus, China is. And if my next cruise is cancelled I will be booking the same with my credits as soon as possible. Surely thats what you will all do, if you love cruising as much as you claim?
  9. Of course my username was intended to raise a chuckle in itself. So I asked the question but cant answer it myself. Some interesting choices though and food for thought for next years cruise. As long as we all dont become zombiefied prior to that.
  10. No. The world will never be the same again. We will be living in caves and drinking ditch water. We're doomed.
  11. And then someone scores and they all cuddle. They are either really stupid or the no handshake rule is just idiotic.
  12. I cant wait for the shows where everyone has to be 3 apart from the next person. That'll make us all safe. Anyone else see the shebelives soccer this weekend? Players shaking elbows instead of hands. But them drinking out of the same water bottles. Lol. Honestly if the world hasn't gone bonkers then I am a monkeys uncle.
  13. Probably been done before but this place is as depressing as a miserable Sunday. So what's your favourite ship and why?
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