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  1. Just seen that our cruise will no longer be stopping at Scottish ports even thought we don't sail until late July, thanks Nicola Sturgeon.
  2. they're all over the place, if you're on one of the UK cruises you still have to have a PCR even though you've been vaccinated, that requirement is a recent one, who knows what we'll need by the time we cruise
  3. Just seen Marella are offering £150 off UK summer sailings, guess bookings haven't been as strong as they hoped
  4. According to a tweet from James Van Fleet (Royal Caribbean's chief meteorologist) they are testing a rapid PCR test at embarkation that gives a result in 30 minutes, perhaps that's the way forward?
  5. I did call, didn't get the free parking but did get the upgrade to Concierge 🙂
  6. Celebrity are requiring a PCR test even for vaccinated passengers, I assume Royal with follow the same protocols?
  7. Seems very strange that you don't need a PCR to sail from St Maarten or Athens, also not aware that other UK fully vacinated sailings require a PCR test
  8. That's disappointing and somewhat frustrating
  9. Just checked, Balcony is still £1469, same as we paid 😞
  10. I'm assuming that what is meant, we booked prior to these being announced, just a bit sceptical as the base price for out balcony hasn't changed so will they say your price hasn't reduced
  11. We also booked and paid before the freebies were announced, were you able to claim them fron Celebrity, if you did how?
  12. Bit frustrated that those of us who booked early missed out on the freebies, and by not lowering the pricing we can't claim under the lowest price guarantee
  13. So I can drive from one part of the UK to another, get out and wander round, but can't if I get off a ship, struggling to see the logic in that
  14. We've just had our Explorer2 sailing in September cancelled, guess they're freeing up the ships
  15. Doesn't look as though NCL will be sailing from the UK this summer https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/travel-agents/ncl-has-no-plans-for-uk-summer-sailings
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