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  1. I cannot imagine that anything will go ahead for a couple of months. Hang on in there as they will have to cancel if that is the case and you should get a refund. We were Booked on the 4/11 from Singapore and they cancelled last week. Fingers crossed it goes well for you
  2. This was our first cruise with Azamara and my husbands first cruise. We shall also now consider other cruise lines. I hope Azamara recover from this and more importantly learn from it.
  3. I am under 70 but with no ports of call on the 11/4 Singapore to Dubai ship open I am waiting to hear how AZamara intend to carry on !
  4. I absolutely agree with you. We are on the 11th April cruise from Singapore to Dubai. With hearing today that Singapore has shut its port to cruise ships we now have no ports on our itinerary that are open. I just do not get their approach to this crisis at all as all they are doing is alienating their future customers 😡
  5. Could I please ask you Bonnie if AZ are aware of the upset and anger of its customers and the potential this has on its future bookings please.
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 love it!
  7. This is my latest email to AZ. Once again I am writing to Azamara to ask for some information on my upcoming cruise. It is now getting unacceptable to palm us off with the notice of the 5.3.20 as many things have altered since then. There is only 1 port of call open to cruise ships-on my sailing 11/4/20- Singapore- and the situation in all other countries due to be visited, as well as the passengers countries is getting worse. Azamara is failing to confront this issue and seems to be in complete denial. Many customers are absolutely disgusted by the lack of decision making until the las
  8. I am going on the Singapore to Dubai cruise on 11/4/20. I would really appreciate a decision on this cruise ASAP. We would be able to board in Singapore but then have no ports of call as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Dubai are shut. Please Bonnie could you pass on our concerns for an early decision about this cruise rather than the stressful wait till a few days beforehand. We all know that things are going to get worse before they get better !
  9. Sensible decision. Has any one heard anything about April cruises?
  10. Sensible decision.
  11. We need to put pressure in AZ to cancel. Celebrity have cancelled their sailing which was visiting India. Surely AZ have to follow this decision. I have written to them again and asked for an answer and not just a standard reply echoing what is on their website. It is common knowledge now that India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia are not closed to cruise ships. How can they keep denying this.
  12. I too have emailed AZ directly and have not had a reply. Very poor!
  13. I think you have made the correct decision. If we cancel we would still have flights and our stay in Singapore beforehand that we would lose. My TA is now going down the route of substantial change and we should get everything back. I cannot understand AZ and the position they are going with, that there will be no change in itinerary. Are they just not getting it? The virus is now just exploding in all parts of the world and if they think things are going to get better in the next 4-6 weeks they really must be deluded!
  14. https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2020/03/572840/covid-19-malaysia-bars-entry-all-cruise-ships Malaysia now.
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