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  1. Indeed, I also saw this offer on their website. 20 % is a very good discount, however hard to say who would be able to take advantage of it. Currently to my knowledge Saint-Petersburg is locked for all tourists until May 1. Our cruise is scheduled for July-August, I still hope we will be good, let's see what we get from Best Guides by that time 🙂
  2. Hi everyone! Just learned on another forum here that in Russia they accept only "clean", not marked bank notes. Strange requirement in my view but anyway 🙂 This is in case you want to change some cash to local currency in Saint-Pet. or Moscow.
  3. Freckles_51, I also noticed on several websites that they prefer clean bills - does it mean the marked bills won't be accepted for exchange? Good to know 🙂
  4. Agree. No need to worry at all. This market is very small and none of the companies can afford dirty plays, especially such a reputable operator like Alla Tours. I am not sure how it works but I assume they should provide a document stating what are the refund terms or smth like that. It is of course up to you but once again - I would not worry.
  5. Hi Lagerta! Where do you usually buy this tea? Is it something you find in any local supermarket? My mom is a tea-lover, and I usually buy her a box when I travel.
  6. Thank you for these useful links! Fingers crossed we all stay healthy and travel safe!
  7. Do you mean there are several terminals one can dock at in StP? Something I did not think about 🙄 Is it a huge difference in terms of time and distance depending on where you dock? Is the main terminal longer from the city center?
  8. Hi Jacob, which company did you use to book the tours? A discount would be great as we are many 🙂
  9. Hi Fran, we plan to take Best of the Best too and we are taking Faberge museum as an evening option as it was highly recommended on one of the forums here.
  10. Wow, thanks for a comprehensive reply Jess, so many valuable details! This is why I love forums - you never find all these things on the official websites Great to hear that all guides are worth recommending - maybe this is why they work for Best Guides 😁 We don't have kids with us but my husband's father has some issues with his knee which might impact his/our mobility. So good to evaluate if a private tour is a better option than an open group we are currently booked at. Also thanks for the tips re. Faberge museum, I was not sure if this is worth taking as an evening option or not
  11. Thanks for the tips! We have booked an apartment but it is good idea to check AC situation in advance, in July can definitely become an issue!
  12. Thanks everyone for your input! You have made my life so much easier!
  13. Wow, the food tour is a brilliant idea, thanks a lot!
  14. We will be there in July, seems to be late for Keukenhof, but it is never too late for Heineken! 🙂
  15. Hi everyone! Could not find anything here, so starting a new topic Like many others we are spending a couple of days in AMS prior to the cruise - does anyone have an idea on the possible agenda? We will for sure do boat tour in the city and Van Gogh museum but what else? Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks a lot!
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