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  1. You play with an account at the casino. This tracks how much you buy-in for, how many hours you play, and your average bet. This calculation earns you tier credits. The higher tier you get, the better perks you get to entice you to keep playing. To answer your question: almost certainly way more than the cost of a cruise. I generally—knock on wood—do alright at the casinos, usually up overall each year, so my overall investment is low. Other folks buy-in for big amounts and lose it quickly, and we all qualify for the same cruises. My retired Church Lady neighbor goes once a week w
  2. My partner and I have been on three NCL cruises through casino comps. I like the freestyle dining, shows, and balcony rooms/suites we’ve stayed in have been nice. The thermal spa on Breakaway is amazing, and I love the Observation Deck on Joy. That said, we choose Azamara or MCS when we book outright for ourselves. NCL prices are getting a bit outrageous for what they offer.
  3. That’s quite inconsiderate... ...of the poor staff that will have to sanitize the spikes.
  4. Joy Elements Footloose Beatles Tribute Headliners Comedy Piano duet team in the Atrium and Observation Lounge Q, Sugarcane, and The District all had live bands many nights.
  5. Depending on when you call, how far out you are booking, what type of room, latitude status, ship occupancy, etc. you will find many things are negotiable (upgrades, waived fees, stacking benefits outside of promo periods). Agents and their managers sometimes have the ability to work with you.
  6. Another resounding “Yes!” from me. Even if you decide not to spend time with them again, there are likely to be experienced cruisers of your itinerary and/or ship that can offer great tips. We saved a lot of time in one port thanks to great advice we received at a M&G.
  7. We spoke with the CruiseNext manager while on our ship last week about booking a specific cruise later in the year. The deals she was able to offer were the same we could get online. We have better luck calling in to the reservations line until finding the right agent that can work some magic in the system to sweeten the deals. Good luck.
  8. Usually 120 days out. Not all of the shows will allow you to make reservations, as some are open seating.
  9. There’s usually a Mexican and Mixed Grill as well.
  10. Your Casino at Sea cards and welcome gifts will be in your room. Haven check-in will be much faster.
  11. Yes. I even just tried now for an upcoming cruise and was able to reserve seats. There are some shows that are open seating and don’t accept online reservations. I think After Midnight wouldn’t let me book, but Choir of Men would.
  12. Empty every time I was at the casino. During the blackjack tournament finals, the spectator overflow had people using it as a coaster. The dealers weren’t bothering to ask people to stay clear. And for coming from Asia, I was surprised there was no Pai Gow.
  13. If you’re on a shared account, only one room key is needed and it will deduct the credit for both of you. This is what happened with me and my husband on the Joy this last week. I believe the clarification noted above refers to what happens when multiple families/accounts/people are eating under one reservation. Yes, everyone then needs to provide their cards to charge the proper accounts.
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