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  1. Thank u so much. Everyone is being so kind with their replies.
  2. THANK YOU, funny the res people never said the card didn't have a picture. I think I can travel easier now, thanks again.
  3. Paulchili, thanks for ur kind concern. I didnt mean to go off like that but ..... My concerns were primarily getting the passenger picture id card, used to charge things, for getting off and back on the ship, with me as how I will present on the ship. I don't want my wife or I embarrassed everytime we get on or off. Or if I buy a drink. So my question to the rep was simple who could I talk to about this issue or how does Oceania handle it. I know how Viking does but I'm on Oceania. Anyway I was told they couldn't help me I had to check with each country. I had already done that but my concern was on the boat and getting on and off. I was told they couldn't help. Thus my posting.
  4. I really appreciate all the speculation as to my motives and what was behind my statement. I'll try responding to all of u in this post. 1. Where did it say I wanted or expected more rights then others? But if u read that into it, go for it. But try looking at it this way, why should anyone expect or receive less then others. 2. Rant and run? Good one but some of us actually have day jobs and lives that might make constant monitoring a website difficult at best foolish at worse. 3. For those of u REALLY in the LBGT community, it doesn't after the G, there is a T there that implies some of us are trans, in which the way we present might not match a passport picture. Transitioning, M2F or F2M, unlike my gay and lesbian friends takes a little longer, might be legally more complicated just to name a few problems. 4. I too have met or seen so many same sex couples and its great!!!! But how many of you blogging philosophers, have met a couple of which one is in the middle of transitioning???? 5. So when a trans person, who is spending lots and lots of money on a 35 day cruise asks the company questions regarding their travel on said cruise line I'd think or hope every one of you just might not be so cavalier when someone reports a rather cold reception to their question. Basically they couldn't be bothered. So for those of you who still can figure out what my motivation was, well I am a trans Woman and no one at Oceania cares to even try to answer my questions!!!! Does that pass your motivation test?
  5. Oceania seems neither helpful nor friendly to the LBGT community after you book a cruise. Up until them they'll gush all over you, Once you book replies to questions are few and far between other then "oh yes we are supportive." If u are LBGT you might want to think twice!!!!!!
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