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  1. Thank you Softl. Some how I get the feeling the 12/20sailing May be similar.
  2. Thank you alchemist4 for sharing your experience with me. After reading your comments I am beginning to feel a bit better about our choice of ship.😀
  3. Thank you mking8288. Loved your detailed report. Even more grateful for your Norovirus update as my teen is super susceptible to Norovirus since 4th grade. We will take extra precautions to keep her from getting it on board.
  4. Bliss experts anyone know which internet package will allow me to use my Google Voice to call home and check on 95yr old Grandma every day?
  5. Bliss from NYC 2019 Thanksgiving Travellers please give me a run down on what it was like or post copies of the Freestyle Daily for the week? We Booked Christmas Cruise Spa Mini Suite Balcony with all 4 perks offered in September; drink pkg, dining pkg, 250 min internet, $50 off shore excursion in each port. Not sure what to expect since it’s been a while since we last cruised and so much has changed. Last time we cruised most everything was still free and all inclusive on the cruise ships. Hubby & I are experienced cruisers and I a Latitude Member, it’s a first time for our reluctant
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