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  1. why is it drivel? Because it's not what you want to hear? It's nice to optimistic but you are ignoring facts from a reliable source.
  2. I think the Spanish flu was worse than Covid-19 , at least at this point and lets hope it doesn't get nearly as bad as the Spanish flu. I have some optimism finally after hearing about the vaccines. That was only one century ago, so I have to disagree with you that this is the worst disease in the last 1000 years.
  3. I don't believe cruises to nowhere violate the PVSA. I believe chengpk stated that in order to do cruises to nowhere the crew has to have different kinds of work visas which are harder to get and expensive.
  4. so all the personnel that were working on the ships the Carnival Corp scrapped or sold are going to be absorbed by the remaining ships in the Carnival Corp fleets?
  5. I am or should I say I WAS quite surprised. I've never seen one but after looking a little bit you are indeed correct. Kudos to you.🙂
  6. It means the other countries are way better off than us because ALL their population are on the same page.
  7. if I wanted an amusement park I'd go to six flags!😛
  8. Your pvp will give you price quotes via email? We have had a couple pbps and they would never give quotes via email. Always wanted us to call. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. I guess we will see if it extended past Oct 2021. If it does that means the virus is still around. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. I'm hoping right along with you, hoping you get to go and the weddings goes off without a hitch. I was just looking at pictures of Southcoast last night from when my son got married there in 2017. Was also looking at youtube videos of the place as my wife and I want to go back. Son and daughter in law can't go now since they have a little one. Hoping the best for you and your family.
  11. I thought my cabin on Sovereign of the Seas was small at about 114 sq ft. You literally opened the door took 2 steps and you were at the bed. The TV was mounted where the headboard was so we had to lay down at the bottom of the bed to watch TV. lol
  12. Not sure who Dave is but ...anyway I was trying to make a funny based on your reply in post #111. Jimbo5544:Carnival has at least 4 older ships than Radiance. Seems lime a big stretch to me. Sorta like the post where you asked what a tot bag was. Anyway hope you are cruising soon and staying safe.🙂
  13. Carnival is going to start painting their ships lime ?
  14. You must have been talking about the automated letter about final payment after cruise was canceled.🙂
  15. if i recall you are going for a wedding in December? When my son got married at Southcoast it was the best. The only thing that got me was no lobster. It was on the menu online but when we got there they said they weren't allowed to catch lobster at the time of the year (May) because they were laying their eggs. It didn't phase me for long as I had a nice steak dinner on the beach. This was in 2017 and we paid $3600 plus airfare. Would love to go back. Another nice touch was their lounge at the airport. Free flowing beer on tap. 😉
  16. So your saying if you get a letter asking you to opt for cash back or FCC just ignore it because it's meaningless?
  17. I just got a refund on a paid off card and have a negative balance. While I haven’t tried yet I would think they would send you a check for the money if you call. Mine was only a deposit of $500 and my wifes car was just hit so I’ll use that negative balance for my insurance deductible. Good luck and let us know how you make out Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  18. I got my refund today of our $500 deposit we put down for our Horizon cruise for December. We canceled on May 5th. Now I can put it to good use, like paying the deductible for the damage to my vehicle that some nice person did to it. Oh well, easy come, easy go!
  19. I had one booked for December on Horizon in the Havana area but we pulled the plug last month.
  20. never heard of an administrative fee for upgrading on the same cruise. It's usually only when switching ships AFAIK.
  21. I think I remember Jimbo is booked there. Could be wrong as the memory is the first thing to go.
  22. people get the flu shot and still get the flu. Isn't it possible to get a corona vaccine and still get the virus? I'm certainly no medical doctor and don't play one on the internet either. I'm just very curious.
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