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  1. Hi having traveled with toddlers before ( I've taken the train to Orlando with 3 little ones) driving is usually my first choice, as I don't fly. I'm also from the Boston area. The drive to the NY terminal is not bad. I hop onto the Merritt PKWY and follow pretty much a straight run to the terminal . Not sure if driving is an option for you, but the cost of the train ticket and then a taxi over to the terminal is probably just about the same a parking at the terminal on the roof. $40.00 a day. seems high but well worth the ease.Also when yo get off the ship upstairs to your car and home in about 41/2 hrs. So much easier in my option then trying to get back to Penn station after the cruise. You can check the forums here as there are several on driving to NY and different routes. Have fun.
  2. how many people are going to Disney? Did you consider getting a room near Disney to save time driving back and forth. There are plenty of hotels near Disney under $100( some even with free breakfast). I'm on that same cruise and have already booked a room at universal for the night. I really excited about staying overnight in Orlando and being able to spend more than 7 hrs at the parks. If you do want to drive back to the ship there looks like there are plenty of parking options if you google parking at Port Canaveral. Enjoy your vacation!
  3. I'm leaving out of New York in December on the Gem. I read that the Bliss will also be docked at the same time. They also said the Bliss will probably be docked at pier 88 for parking and the Gem will be moved to pier 90 I think. Does anyone know if there is a different entrance to the roof parking if we are on Pier 90. I have always been on pier 88. Will this make a big difference, or is it basically all the same. Thanks for any help.
  4. already booked a hotel at universal will visit the park for 2 days and 1 night
  5. Got my room assignment today. Sailing 12-13. Did a sail away inside. Got an inside in the 10th floor, which is great. I really just didn't want to be on the 4th or 5th floor. So it worked out well. Love that this cruise does an overnight in Orlando.
  6. ok I guess I will just have to be patient. I did book the sailaway. I do not have any perks. I figure its winter time so I don't need a balcony or even a window. The ship has a stopover in Orlando overnight so I booked a room at Universal so trying to save money.LOL! Universal stop costing almost as much a the cruise, which is crazy.
  7. I booked an inside sailaway for December, 2019. I've already paid in full , but no cabin assignment yet. You seem to have gotten an assignment pretty quick. Is that how it usually works? Never did a guarantee.
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