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  1. Haha - happy to see my video getting some exposure lol. I heard the same thing that 8/14 was a TON better. Headed to the port again Saturday, this time to GET ON!! woo hoo
  2. Just some ideas: * Of course Pike Place Market * Head 1 hour east into the cascade mountains to Snoqualmie falls, have a meal ($$$) at the lodge. * Do something like rent a kayak or boat on Lake Union, the nation's premier urban lake, barring that eat somewhere on Lake Union. * Explore Ballard in north Seattle, farmers market if timing is right, cute shops and lunch/dinner. If you make it to Ballard hit the Locks and see the salmon climb the fish ladder.
  3. Hi all, A cruise was our last major vacation in February 2020 (side note - there's a very interesting historical thread about deciding whether to on that cruise here). Anyway, enough with the past - we're booked to depart out of our home port for the 1st time (Seattle) - Alaska here we come! As I've seen discussed, the Encore in currently in Seattle. She's not scheduled to depart Seattle with passengers until 8/1, according to the Port of Seattle (PDF). I guess it will take her a full month to get staff trained up, and operations humming along? I can only imagine mothballing a brand new billion dollar ship for almost a year and a half. We're excited to get on board Encore, when I checked a few months ago, the Bliss was coming to Seattle, but Encore is a NICE upgrade! No children under 12 (the youngest that can be vaccinated) will be onboard, making my daughter the youngest child on the ship - that'll be interesting. I assume they'll just close "guppies" and "splash academy", and roll her into the teen club? Would love your tips and tricks for the Encore or this itinerary. It's weird, there's almost no youtube content on the Encore, except for a media sailing in November 2019. Usually we spend hours watching videos of past guests to get ideas and tips. Have a great day!
  4. I couldn't agree more! I'm so happy we went....I'm targeting the same time frame for another vacation, too. Here's to hoping we'll all be vaccinated and ready to rock. Your response was totally reasonable, by the way 😉
  5. Hey all, I thought I'd bump this, because some of the responses are very interesting, in retrospect. Anyway, we did have a fantastic time on our cruise, and it was amazing...We look forward to cruising again in the future sometime. For those of you who said I was an idiot for considering cancelling, the Breakaway was a covid cruise *2 weeks* after I got off the ship: https://www.post-gazette.com/news/health/2020/03/24/westmoreland-hempfield-lisa-duffy-coronavirus-cruise-ship-norwegian-test-COVID-positive/stories/202003230140
  6. Thank you to most of you that have added such thoughtful and helpful replies, particularly @Tapi, @Funky Fusion FoodsJ, @littlelulu01, @ronbe65, @momofab, @Starry Eyes, @mking8288and @ggroggey. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and I hope that some of the others who responded with condescension still have such snark in a few weeks. Seriously, I do, it means you were right 😉 A particular thanks to my fellow cruise-mates for responding, we'll see you on board, hopefully!
  7. Hi everyone, We're scheduled to embark on the Breakaway on 2/15 for a 7 night Caribbean cruise. I see lots of talk about an even worse situation on cruises happening now or in the future in Asia, but wanted to get your take on this cruise. Would you take this cruise, or just kiss what you've paid goodbye, and stay home? My opinions: Reasons to go: * We paid a lot of money, and really want to go! * We've been looking forward to it for months * It coincides with mid-winter break (school) in our area, we can''t just go again in a few weeks. * We can be very health conscious, with wipes, and masks and etc if we must. * The southeast of the United States has had zero cases, as have all the Caribbean countries. It's about as far as you can get from the epicenter of the epidemic in China. * Our boat has just been moving around the area, hasn't been in Asia recently. Cons: * What's happening on the Diamond Princess right now sounds like actual hell. Your cabin turned into a prison, waiting two weeks to see if you catch corona virus. * I anticipate more ships will have problems in the area over the next week. * With air travel and nights before/after the cruise, we're away for 10 days. That's a long time, a lot can change in 10 days. 10 days ago there were 4,500 cases, today there's 30,000. * Are we even going to be able to have fun on this cruise? I don't know, I'm pretty paranoid about it now, in peaceful Seattle. I see three options, I'd love to hear your opinions: * Go on the full adventure as planned * Fly to Orlando, do something else, just write off the cost of the cruise. * Do nothing, stay home. Thank you!
  8. I don't see any mention of 1 & 2 BD? https://www.ncl.com/shore-excursions/search?sort=searchWeight&perPage=12&destination=Caribbean+Cruises&port=NPI&priceRange=0+3000
  9. Hi, Just wanted to chime in, and say what a great thread! In particular the map was super helpful. We have a "OCEAN VILLA AT SILVER COVE" reserved, paid $599 for it, travelling on the Breakaway around Easter 2020. There was virtually no information available through NCL.com or even to their shore excursion phone team, about which one you get. Here's to hoping we end up with one of the one bedrooms ;)
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