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  1. I did a 5 night Bahamas in January. It was a nice ship for the price. The evening entertainment in the theater wasn't the greatest and the Local has limited hours, but i would love to do it again this winter.
  2. Oh I've had more than I could handle before. Also it was two drinks at a time not one last I heard.
  3. Credit from the canceled march cruise.
  4. I still haven't gotten my 125% credit to my account or email for my August cancel. This was a rebook of a canceled March cruise so maybe that is why.
  5. My son never has been on a cruise, but was canceled in March. I'm thinking of taking FCC as some cruises I'm watching have gone down. I'm guessing I'd have to call NCL to book for us to receive his FCC. He is only 7.
  6. How did they know what my 125% FCC was right away then? Seems like it would be easy to just refund the credit card transactions as they are requested.
  7. Amex denied my claim March 24, the same day I submitted it. It says the mailed me the reason why, but haven't received it.
  8. 500% over five years. Sign us all up.
  9. It's from an email directly from Carnival. To select this special rate, you have to pay a decent amount more.
  10. I failed to realize it is from today and the leave tomorrow. So yes, it's actually bad.
  11. Looking at the letter it is only one day noticed. It is dated for today with tomorrow as the departure. I'd imagine almost everyone that is on that cruise is already in Hawaii or currently on a plane there.
  12. This is why I'm going on my cruise next week and not taking the FCC. FCC might not be worth anything in a month or two.
  13. My dilemma for my cruises leaving next Saturday is that my ex is leaning towards not letting me take our son anymore. I wonder if they would let me cancel and rebook as a solo. I wonder how much savings there might be. The current prices and perks are way better.
  14. On my last cruise in January I booked 14 days out. I was hanging out with the other solos and they couldn't believe that my OV with two perks was way cheaper than their inside with none. I plan on doing one of these every year as long as the price is right or I make the mistake and get married again.
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