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  1. Several other TAs have posted and other posters have asked their TAs about this and the OP is the only one who has heard this new development.
  2. The general consensus is that one is better paying the price and parking at the Port of Miami. Unlike Port Everglades or Port Canaveral there aren’t good secure off site options.
  3. Well, price has nothing to do with it. Red Bull is not included on the Classic Package and it’s below the $9 price point. Sorry to hear something that was once on the package was taken away with no notice.
  4. The footstools must be in a storage room along with the ice buckets, pillow menus and kettles.
  5. Not to be negative but I’d suggest you get the name and phone number of the person who called you in case you do run into a problem once underway. So glad this got resolved!
  6. Yes, this doesn't sound like it was the daily gratuities. A regular balcony is 14.5 pp p day = 203 (for a seven night cruise) AQ or CC is 15 pp p day = 210 and suites are 18 pp p day = 252. Not sure what the $385 was....
  7. Ditto on Equinox. Spa Cafe not open on embarkation day.
  8. Well, keep in mind that I was specifically replying to the OP’s post. The poster who commented on the NCL ship that sailed to Cuba was an older ship, not the Getaway. If the Getaway is doing an itinerary you want that is the most important thing and I think you will enjoy her. Celebrity’s S Class ships are our favorite. If I were to price the same itinerary NCL will generally always cost more due to NCL’s charging grats on the beverage and dining packages. Also, if you have sailed Celebrity a lot, then some new menus and shows are very welcome. Not necessarily better as that is subjective, but definitely a refreshing change of experience.
  9. On the Solstice Class ships (of which Equinox is one) the cabins that have a square or triangle indicating that it sleeps 3 or 4 will always have the bed by the bathroom. The cabins are mirror images and alternate so find a cabin that sleeps 3 or 4 and count backwards or forwards to the cabin you are interested in. But as Jelayne says, the Sticky does tell you bed placement.
  10. We're Elite Plus and have also sailed on Getaway and Escape. We LOVED both NCL ships! We loved that a MDR was open for lunch on embarkation day. We loved that there are three MDRs, and two of them, Taste and Savor are smaller and more intimate and felt like specialty restaurants. We loved that the two of us were always seated at a true 4 top and the other settings were taken away. And true space between tables. We loved that a hamburger etc was available almost all day at O'Sheehans as opposed to the Mast Grill closing at 6 each evening. We loved that the bedside tables had USB ports. We loved that the cabins had coffee machines. I'm talking a regular balcony; we were not in a suite. We thought the entertainment was much better than Celebrity! Lastly the Waterfront concept is genius! You have the opportunity to dine al fresco at the specialty restaurants (which are much cheaper than X's.) The Waterfront has lots of chairs and sofas under a deep overhang so you can look out at the ocean in the shade and even in a rain shower (or balcony washing!)
  11. We generally have the Classic Package and my husband is often asked “A double?” by the bartenders. So not only with Premium.
  12. I stayed at a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale once that overlooked a marina. There were two Celebrity life boats there! Perhaps if you start small...
  13. I thought I remembered that they lowered the prices on the alcoholic coffees. There was a time when only the two I mentioned were on the Classic Package price point. Now they all are! I guess I assumed I’d been tipsy...lowering prices?!?!
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