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  1. Agree that everyone should be treated the same, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Oceania Management if you’re reading these posts, we would appreciate the same courtesy as others even though we are not long time cruisers.
  2. To answer your question, we have not received the FCC. Still waiting on everything. Has anyone else received theirs? If we had known that a few days later O would have changed their policy, we would have waited. We were trying to get ahead of things so we wouldn’t be waiting for weeks. Turns out we still are waiting.
  3. So here is the latest news regarding Oceania’s new policy for FCC vs Refund. And I have to say, it is very unfair. When we received the first notice a couple of weeks ago that we could cancel our upcoming (March 21) cruise, we decided to cancel right away and take the FCC, as that was all that was offered, and we have health issues, and wanted to stay safe. We spoke with our TA at Oceania and assumed that if any new Oceania policy changes took place that we would be included in those. Turns out, we were wrong. We cancelled our cruise on March 7th, 6 days later Oceania came ou
  4. No - the whole amount must be used towards new cruise fare. If you find a cruise cheaper than your FCC, you lose what is remaining on your FCC. They will reimburse any excursions, La Reserve or cooking classes to your credit card. Just got off the phone to cancel our March 21 cruise.
  5. We just finished with our cancellation. How it works is that the cruise fare is a credit for a future cruise that you must book within the year, and use before December 2022. Any money that was charged to your credit card for excursions, La Reserve, cooking classes, etc., will be credited to your card shortly. We are very sad to have to have cancelled, but we as well are in that demographic, and with news continuing to get worse, we are not willing to take the chance.
  6. We are pulling out - suppose to leave March 21 on Riviera. DH and I decided it’s not worth it. We may not get sick, but just the stress of always worrying about it, is not in our opinion worth it. We will call today to look at options.
  7. We received same email from O. Do folks know if excursion expenses, La Reserve, Tips and cooking classes, will also be reimbursed? We’ve paid for all of this already.
  8. I wrote directly to Oceania last week to ask about whether or not the tv has an HDMI slot so that I can connect my IPad to it to watch saved movies. They confirmed with me that every tv has an HDMI slot. This is for Riviera ships.
  9. Thanks so much for the advice!!
  10. Thank you so much for the update! We will be on Riviera in March and cannot wait. If there are any other details you care to share, we would love to hear them. This will be our first cruise with OC.
  11. So DH called our insurance provider yesterday, and they told him that this was the first question that they have had regarding Coronovirus and ships denying boarding of someone who appears ill. They didn’t have a clear answer for him, and basically said that if you are denied boarding because of cold symptoms and the ship’s fear that it may be something more, that the spouse does not have to board, but that there is no guarantee that the insurance will reimburse the cost of the trip, They will have to assess on a case-by-case basis. This is is with Manulife 😞
  12. Was reading all the posts related to Coronovirus and looking at Oceania’s website. According to them, if a passenger is showing signs of illness (e.g., temperature, coughing), they will not be permitted to board the ship. So what happens to the spouse - is he/she refused boarding as well, or must they sail on their own or risk losing their money? Assume our travel insurance would cover spouse who is ill, what about the other one?
  13. Was wondering if hair straighteners or curling irons for hair are permitted on Oceania ships. Looked at FAQs on Oceania site and cannot find any reference to say that they are not permitted. thanks
  14. We are travelling on Riviera in March - how was your cruise? Any reviews to provide all of us?
  15. Hi all, starting to do the packing, and trying to figure out what to pack, and what to leave behind. Have seen many posts regarding the wearing of jeans in restaurants (don’t worry - this is not a jeans questions 🙂 For specialty restaurants and La Reserve, we are planning on DH wearing jacket, and dress pants, and dress/or skirt for me. We are wondering what acceptable clothing is for the following: Breakfast/lunch in GDR: Breakfast/lunch in Terrace: Breakfast/lunch at Waves: assume bathing suit with cover up works. Assume that DH need
  16. Thanks StanandJim, this may be a silly question, but was the beer in bottles or cans? Also do they have draft beer on tap as well?
  17. Thanks, and they don’t take it away from you when you board Oceania? I’ve heard stories of people getting things confiscated.
  18. Hi all, have been looking at what we are allowed to bring in terms of a wall charger that won’t be confiscated when we board the ship. We have the usual technology: iPhones, fit its, and iPads, and wanted to purchase something that would allow us to charge these things at night while we are in the cabin (we’re on Riviera). Does anyone have a link to an approved wall charger that we could purchase via amazon (don’t want to buy the wrong one and then have it taken away from us!). This is the idea of what we are looking for. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi folks, DH and I are new to cruising, and just trying to figure out how Beverage Package works. Asked this question on the New Cruisers section, and was told to come here fo this question. We are cruising on the Riviera later this winter and will both be getting the prestige drink package. First thing we would like to confirm is the fact that we assume that with both of us purchasing the package, we can have drinks delivered to our room if we are spending an afternoon or evening on our balcony. But what about if DH goes up to the bar to bring me back a glass of champagne while
  20. Not sure I really understand. We were trying to determine what time the sunsets would happen while on the cruise, and according to web, if island is on DST, then sunset at end of March would be 7:30ish, and if not, then at 6:30ish. Just trying to figure out that in order to plan dinner reservations.
  21. Hi all, DH and I are taking our first cruise in March, and are counting the days (literally). Was a bit confused about other posts that I read regarding “Ship Time” and “Daylight Savings Time”. How does it work? If we leave Miami on Daylight Savings Time at the end of March, and we end up in Punta Cana, for instance, that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time, do we have to keep switching our watches back and forth to observe the local time? Or do we stay on Daylight Savings Time during the entire cruise? Thanks as always for all of the great advice!👒
  22. Hi all, we’re starting to plan our packing for our trip, and I know that there are a multitude of packing forums, but these are specific to Riviera. So sorry if these have been asked before: - does anyone know what size the ship luggage tags are that will be shipped to us? We want to order plastic luggage tag protectors through Amazon soon, but from other posts, we see that the package won’t be shipped until about 3 weeks prior to cruise, and we don’t want to wait too long. It appears that different ships have different sizes. - I saw some forums suggest to bring a
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