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  1. I think you mean deflect but you can’t note how easy it is for US customs to process an individual and pull info from only a drivers license in less than an hour and then argue that it would be the end of the world to travel back without a passport from the Caribbean. Fact of the matter is that thousands sail the Caribbean daily using just their DL and BC and people have had to fly back without a passport. It’s a little more paperwork and a matter of acquiring a passport but not the end of the world.
  2. Those were your words Esm. You are also arguing against yourself at this point.
  3. That’s what makes it the best example to use. The Caribbean thrives on American tourism and cruising there with a DL and BC is not a big deal. We have passports because we travel to Europe often but we wouldn’t think twice about not having it for the Caribbean. It’s hardly insane to travel there without a passport. Someone needing to fly home without one would be just fine and their predicament would not be all that much worse than someone who lost their passport. A little extra paperwork maybe for processing but as you indicated St Thomas and many of the other islands are literally part of the US.
  4. That was only for non sailing guests visiting the ship. DL and birth certificate is fine for a closed loop cruise. I’m not sure why people using that method are “insane”. That is all that is required for the Caribbean. People will play the what if you miss the ship , what if you get sick and have to fly home. Losing a passport is more likely than either of those things and if an American citizen is on a Carribean island and needs to get home , they will get home just fine. This is St Thomas , not Malaysia.
  5. This is completely inaccurate. DL and birth certificate will absolutely work now on a closed loop cruise. I found the article you are referencing and it pertains to individuals visiting a cruise ship who are not sailing. They would embark for the ceremony and then get off. https://6abc.com/5928770/
  6. The counties in question are -- Barbados, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, St. Barts, St. Martin (but not Dutch St. Maarten), and Trinidad & Tobago. If you are visiting any of those then you may need a passport to disembark on that island. Worst case scenario is that you will have to stay on the ship in one of those ports. You will never be denied boarding of your entire cruise or ever have any issue coming back to US on a closed loop cruise with a valid passport or (State issued ID and birth cert) So if you are not visiting any of those then all is good with even a passport that expires the day after the cruise. As others have noted, its always a good idea to have a passport and you should get it renewed but paying for expedited replacement on a trip where it is not required is a little extreme.
  7. You will be fine with your existing passports on a closed loop.
  8. Of the 2 itineraries posted above, the Baltic looks better to me. Greek Isles without Athens doesn't seem right on the Mediterranean cruise.
  9. The ferries are nice and a very good way to get around quickly. We were in port (Naples) for 12 hours and hired a driver to take us to Ravello. We explored Ravello for about an hour and hiked down to Atrani and Amalfi. This was a great hike with terrific views and only took about 35 minutes. We spent some time in Amalfi and took the ferry to Positano. The ferry was quick and offered exceptional views. We spent about 2 hours in Positano and then took another ferry to Capri. The ferry ride to capri was a little less scenic and a little longer but still nice. After a boat tour around Capri - we caught the ferry back to Naples. The ferries are a great way to get around and you can book all of them on your own.
  10. If you have never been to Florence, you would be making a big mistake by choosing the countryside over it. Sure the countryside is beautiful but its not Florence. You dont have to be an art lover either to appreciate the beauty that the city encapsulates. Just walking around the city and doing nothing is better than Tuscany. Do both if you need to but dont skip Florence.
  11. If you pack light -you can also just walk 10-15 minutes to Largo Della Pace and get on the shuttle to your cruise ship.
  12. Just so you are aware. Depending on what dock you port in - it will be at least 30-45 minute to walk to the metro station. We are young and fast walkers too. We did this a few months ago and would never walk it again. It looks simple on a map but Athens is one of the largest ports in the world. Station is right next to the port but its still a hike. We were on the Edge and at one of the outermost docks. I agree with others to take a taxi.
  13. The train is very easy, cheap, fast and convenient
  14. We were on the Edge in October. Booked just the transfer to Taormina through celebrity which was a decent price. We then had 4 hours or so to explore and enjoy on our own.
  15. Must have port if Greek Isles is Santorini Must have port on Baltic would be St Petersburg
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