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  1. If you are lucky. I haven’t been on any cruises that carry a Cbs feed. Some have ESPN /ABC in the right spots. Maybe there are some special broadcasting rights with the final four.
  2. You would be carrying it around tonight if you were on a cruise at 8:34 EST its a lot clunkier than a card we can debate this forever but medallions are not the future. It’s almost like the old token encryption keychain businesses would send out with a rotating code. This is old technology. Finally everyone got smart and realized the phone can do this and a heck of a lot more. This coupled with the costs savings of not providing medallions to all cruisers.
  3. So you don’t take pictures or have wifi to text family back home? Check email or social media or news or sports scores ? I know very few people who don’t carry their phone. Everything is moving towards phone enabled information. The daily planner is much easier to look at on the app also. Even if you are someone who likes to disconnect from the world while on vacation , just the internal free ship wifi is really beneficial in the celebrity app. All of the information is right there at your fingertips including seeing your stateroom account etc. A clunky medallion can provide none of those be
  4. We have been on two cruises with medallions and found them really gimmicky. They didn’t do much other than open our cabins doors which I guess saved us 2 seconds that it would take to grab my card out of my pocket and scan it. I just don’t see this catching on with other lines. The celebrity app might be utilized more to pre order drinks. Cruise lines aren’t going to invest in the cost and tech to provide thousands of passengers a medallion every cruise when they can utilize the same technology in something every passenger already has on them. Their cell phone.
  5. So how do you pay if there is no transaction ? It’s not that simple. The medallion would still have to be scanned.
  6. Celebrity hands down. Nicer and more elegant ships , much better food , better entertainment and theaters , more luxurious feeling staterooms etc.
  7. Thank you everyone for their comments and expertise. Since we only paid the 900 deposit and not final payment , it sounds like the FCC offered may have only been an extra 225 bucks. (125% of 900). If that is all we missed out on then I don’t feel so bad. There really wasn’t a comparable sailing either for our cruise to lift and shift to. It was originally 14 nights on the silhouette out of Southampton and 2022 is 12 nights out of Amsterdam on the apex. Ports are pretty much the same though.
  8. HI everyone, We had a Scandinavian cruise booked for July 2021 with a final payment date of April 4th. We had a completely refundable deposit and were waiting for Celebrity to cancel this cruise to see what they might offer. About a week or 2 ago, Celebrity still hadn't cancelled (even though they knew this wasnt going to sail) so we took it upon ourselves to just move our deposit and booking to the same cruise for 2022. Of course a week after we did this, Celebrity then officially cancelled the 2021 cruise. My question is, if we would have held out a little longer
  9. Thank you everyone for their advise and expertise. All Scandinavian cruises in 2021 are 14 night out of Southampton and all the Scandinavian cruises in 2022 are only 12 nights out of Amsterdam. The ports are pretty much exactly the same. I guess it’s just a roll of the dice if celebrity does indeed cancel if they would also consider that the same sailing the following year. The embarkation ports are different and cruise length differences but those are the closest they have in the future Thanks again everyone
  10. Thank you, that was definitely part of my question. I guess I was thinking celebrity might offer some further concessions if they cancel the cruise (instead of me ) other than just giving me my money back. I was hoping I would get some type of incentive on a future cruise. So it doesn’t sound like there is any difference at all if I cancel the cruise or celebrity cancels - is that accurate ? All I have paid so far is the 900 dollar refundable deposit
  11. Can someone familiar with all the cancellation and future cruise credit rules advise us on what the best course of action is on our cruise. We have a 14 night Scandinavian cruise booked for July 3rd 2021 on the silhouette. Our final payment is due April 1st and we booked a refundable deposit of 900 dollars. Our total cruise fare is around 10k. We really don’t want to go on this cruise at this point and prefer to change it to a similar Scandinavian cruise on the apex in 2022. I have read many people suggest that those with refundable deposits to just cancel and be done with it. Howe
  12. We are on the same Baltic sailing as OP slated to leave right before you for 14 nights on July 4th. As others have stated, its too early to really get a gauge on what the conditions will be in several months. Those who are saying to cancel are jumping the gun and there is no harm in waiting until final payment to re-assess. Maybe things will have turned greatly for the better and maybe they wont, just don't stress too much and re-evaluate in a few months. That is what we are going to do. We are hopeful we will sail on July 4th and if not, we will look at options for 2022. Lift and shift rules
  13. Thank you everyone for their comments and insight.
  14. We havent tried a request yet because it appears the policy in its current form only applies to sailings before May of 2022 and ours is July. We are assuming this will be extended out past July but were curious on how flexible Celebrity might be moving to a higher class ship if we forego several nights (14 down to 12).
  15. Hi, we have a 14 night Scandinavian cruise booked out of Southampton on an S class ship for July of 2021. There do not seem to be any comparable sailings for this cruise in 2022 and the closest one is on July 8th, 2022 on the Apex. The 2022 Apex cruise is only 12 nights and leaves from Amsterdam instead of Southampton. I know the policy suggests that you cannot go from an S to Edge class ship but is there any chance Celebrity will accommodate a lift and shift since this is the most compatible cruise and if we are willing to give up 2 nights by going from a 14 night cruise to only a
  16. Another vote for Singer place in Rome. Perfect location a block from the Pantheon and incredible rooftop breakfast every morning.
  17. The logic of some people is truly astounding. If the weight limit on the cruise ship water slide is 230 pounds and I weigh 231 in the morning but skip all of my meals that day and weigh 229 before I step on the waterside scale - is that “breaking the rules” also? Am I’m putting other people at risk by doing so because I took the necessary steps to lower my weight before the weigh in ? It’s called being smart and being prepared. To each his own though. I really hope that the 25 dollar Walmart thermometer being administered gives the cruise line an accurate reading of your body temp
  18. Stop making things up. It’s not a “rule”. It’s also been reiterated over and over that the example is for healthy people. Not those masking an illness. I will laugh when the opponents of Tylenol get denied boarding as a healthy individual because they are .01 over the limit.
  19. Staying hydrated lowers the body temperature also. Is that circumventing the rules ? I should say “fake rules” since nowhere does it say or will say that this is disallowed. Should people be banned from taking Tylenol and drinking water before boarding ? Heck sending people over to cold AC rooms to lower temp is not much different. This is one of the worst arguments I have seen and there are definitely some radical minds who have little understanding of how the human body works. There are also some who have a basic unawareness of how simple medications work. A Tylenol might lower the body 1
  20. I spend about 6 seconds on precautionary measures I can take to salvage 10-20k cruise vacations. Ps - taking an over the counter medication is not circumventing any rules. Some people take Tylenol daily for aches and pains. There sure are a lot of self righteous people on these boards.
  21. You missed the point. It’s not because one thinks they have a fever or even a virus for that matter. It’s to bring your temp down a degree or 2 from the stress of travel before boarding. Many people are coming in from taxis and trains and it’s very likely their body temp could be elevated. This coupled with the fact that the thermometers are far from exact and it would be unfortunate that someone would be denied boarding when they weren’t even sick at all in the first place. If someone is legitimately sick with a virus , Tylenol will not do much and certainly wouldn’t bring them into an acc
  22. Just pop a couple Tylenol’s an hour before boarding to reduce temp 1-2 degrees in the event your reading might be in the low grade range.
  23. The majority of people are asymptomatic, so they don't know they are sick.....
  24. Your logistics are not realistic. How are people going to get to the outside decks? There would be thousands of people walking through the same hallways all the time, through the same stairwells touching hand rails, in the same elevators etc. A carrier could be shedding virus in any of these places to unsuspecting people. Also, to say the proximity is meaningless outside is a stretch as I don't think you realize what thousands of people would look like on the pool deck at the same time. If someone coughs or sneezes while walking around, others could absolutely get infected. Isolation is defi
  25. How do you get 3000-5000 people "outside" and not within a close proximity while stuck on a cruise ship? There is only so much outside deck space
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