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  1. ideally as the years go by, more and more diseases will be defeated by vaccination; starting at year zero when smallpox was inoculated with live cowpox. the addition of vaccines for HIV, herpes, hep C (and any other afflictions starting with "H" ) would be nice.
  2. we should note, that there is ~ 39,184, 000 in the 15 - 24 year old population. and how many of those 353 did not have a compromised immune system or other comorbidity? there is a great debate about died with covid19 vs died from covid19.
  3. you are being hyperbolic. people under 50, with no comorbidities (including a previously compromised immune system) are at a VERY low risk from Covid19. when you are dealing with a sample size of millions there will be some onesies and twosies. Most people cannot truly conceive the exceptionally large numbers in a population that size.
  4. off topic, i was just on skymiles cruises, and i have never seen NCL cruises being priced so high. is it NCL trying to pull in cash for cruises they know they will cancel....to get some revenue flow?
  5. i have been on the jade, jewel and gem, but unfortunately not the pearl. the gem seemed a bit different than the jade and jewel. all in all the jewel class is my favorite NCL ship; my father's too. the mega ships are difficult for him given his age and mobility, and i am not into the resort type ropes and water slides. we really want to try out the smaller sun, sky spirit types.
  6. with a young healthy test population that has no comorbidities the risk of death is VERY low. i am 40, i caught covid19 early and it was like a light cold. a large percentage of my coworkers have caught it too.
  7. thank you for your concern. i do not have covid19 now, I "work" in a covid19 isolation unit. i did have it in march.
  8. what i think he was saying, is some diseases never get a vaccine. herpes simplex is another virus(es) that despite decades of research and billions of dollars has yet to receive a working vaccine. this with like 70% of the worlds population having HSV-1 or HSV-2 (ewww).
  9. i type this from inside a covid isolation unit!! hooray!
  10. I'm like a 5th generation michigander. The problem was I had to get a bs/ba before going to maritime for a AS. so inexusted my student loan before finishing. I am a prison guard now (that is why I lived in Muskegon and jackson now).
  11. the GLMA was a bit of a bad choice life choice. I exhausted my student loans, before I could finish...and now debt...lots. I live in Jackson ATM, I lived in Muskegon for a couple of years (down by the old cinema) prior to moving to Jackson.
  12. no problem. I just wanted top show what cruise I was on. I myself attended the great lakes maritime academy....until I exhausted my student loan allowance.
  13. I would politely say that "obviously" is a bit strong of a word here. the big three legacy airlines are all in a separate alliance (delta for instance is in sky team), and airline alliances allow for seamless travel to secondary and tertiary destinations overseas; like being from Detroit and wanting to go to Budapest I would fly delta to Amsterdam and connect on KLM to Hungary. that is a different animal than my question. mergers are also a different animal (although I would say the US has been over consolidated since 2000)
  14. as a layman.....AA the largest in the world, "partnering" with a pair sizable national airlines doesn't this raise antitrust issues?
  15. like I said, it is dangerous, but riding a scooter is fun, and the mobility they offer is hard to match. to me, life swaddled in bubble wrap is not life lived. broken pelvis.....ouch.
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