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  1. other side of the Atlantic airlines I have flown on. Icelandair: boston to Amsterdam via Reykjavik (first time overseas nearly 20 years ago). intra-Europe: BA, KLM & air france.
  2. that is the norm in Briton and the continent.
  3. very good point. it is the same in the US with the 3 ultra low costs. a lot of the flights are from secondary (or even tertiary) air ports and oftentimes only offer one flight a day (or in the case of allegiant 2 or 3 days per week), if your flight is canceled you are going to....miss your cruise. that does sound very cheap, but that was like you said over ten years ago. 10 people years might as well be 5000 airline biz years !
  4. I only have skymiles. when I fly in Europe I try to fly air france or klm to receive skymiles.
  5. idk, I just feel like ncl could support one weekday cruise profit wise during the winter.
  6. given my "euro traveler" inflight experience, why would I just not fly Ryanair, easyjet or wizz? they looked much less expensive. this is not snark or a rhetorical question. seriously, as I have never flown with the 3 dominant ULLC in Europe.
  7. if I am not mistaken, they where struggling hard a few years back.
  8. yes, as I stated, delta is not trying to compete with the 3 US ULCC, but is positioning themselves to be more of an upscale choice.
  9. ok, the must have resumed recently because they disengaged for YEARS do to being uncompetitive with the ME3. edit: like two weeks ago.
  10. I guess my friend nick is destined to be lonely in 2020. poor nick. very little pokemon go over seas? just think of all the regionals you missed out on!! volbeat, mr mime, pansear, Durant & zangoose
  11. i was discussing delta and their strategy for competing with both ulcc & the ME3, that they formed partially from the missteps of BA. GUEss my syntax could have been a little better.
  12. in the US American airlines and united airlines new short haul planes do not have IFE, and their older planes are having theirs removed when they go in for a rebuild. delta airlines is not only retaining theirs, but expanding the domestic ife to basically 100% of the fleet as the md88/90 retire. i didn't mean a meal which delta doesn't really do for domestic coach, i meant the refreshment service a drink, and a snack of some sort (fruit, biscof, nuts). coffee and a biscuit are a nice touch.
  13. delta airlines does not fly to India because it cannot compete with the ME3.
  14. delta ordered 100 a220s that are largely going to reduce regionals. they have also been expanding their domestic seat back IFE (after the md88/90 is gone should be 100% of the fleet) while everyone else is removing them. they also increased inflight amenities for international coach.
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