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  1. It sounds like you have a lot of great perspective to share. "Common sense" is in many ways built on experiences personal to each individual and having the benefit of hearing about other people's perspectives expands our own knowledge and, thus, common sense. Thank you for flagging these important considerations.
  2. Yeah, the onboard accounts would get complicated too - I didn't even thing of that! I am going to make time and give HAL a call to see what the options are that get us the best deal without inadvertently breaking any rules 🙂
  3. Thanks! I'll try giving them a call this weekend (and also maybe a third party TA as someone else recommended) and figure it out. Just haven't had a moment this week to do so.
  4. Good point - I know that my sister has not cruised before but her husband mentioned that he had at some point. I'll find out who he cruised with and that might help
  5. Thank you! That's helpful to know. Sounds like my best bet is to call a TA and figure out whether this offer is targeted to me specifically or if it's something my family can also take advantage of as well.
  6. I should have made it clear in my post that I wasn't sure if what I want to do is not possible because it is against the rules or if it is just a limitation of HAL's online booking system. Can you share a link to these rules that you mention please? I tried looking before I posted, but couldn't find anything specific.
  7. I've sailed with HAL before and occasionally get their offers that seem to only be available if I log in. There's a really great one on right now for January that I think my family from across the country would enjoy to go on with us. We've been dreaming of a family reunion since all this covid mess began and we have not been able to see each other. When I select a particular booking, it auto-populates my name as one of the passengers. Is there any way to make a booking using these great rates under someone else's name? The minute I add two cabins, the special rate disappears
  8. That was not the motivation. The motivation was to, finally, go on a cruise! But, with everything being so uncertain, I still had to consider the "worse case scenario", which at the time of booking I had thought would be FCC (with or without the bonus) and that was acceptable to me. The rebooking of it to 2022, when I will not be in North America, is worse for me than the worse case scenario I factored in.
  9. I received the following from HAL regarding my July 2021 Alaska booking: In light of the cancellation of our 2021 voyages that begin or end in a Canadian port, your booking on this voyage will be automatically transferred to the same voyage sailing the following year, as outlined in our letter to you. For the list of cancelled 2021 voyages and their 2022 replacements, please click here. https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/inventory-assets/News/cruise-pause/022221_Cruise_Pause.pdf We will be transferring your cruise-only or Land+Sea Journey booking automatically
  10. I received the same offer. Just for 2021 Alaska July-Sept sailings. I took the bait and booked one for July departure. Like you, I am highly skeptical if this will actually even happen, but it's nice to have something on the books and not a huge exposure of $$.
  11. Thank you for the feedback everyone! I love the photos as well - thank you for sharing those. You’ve all given me lots to think about. I’m now leaning towards the SS as it is a 19 day cruise and there are 8 sea days. I can see us spending more time in the cabin than we usually would.
  12. Hi everyone, I've only sailed once with HAL on their Nieuw Statendam, which I absolutely loved. That ship was amazing (my comparison point is Celebrity before the face lift and this was so much better). We had the Verandah and it was tight but ok for 7 days. The ship more than made up for it. I applied my future cruise deposit to the Westerdam 19-day sailing in October from North to South America. My hope is that by then (1) the poor Westerdam will be sanitized sufficiently, and (2) there will continue to not be any cases of coronavirus in South America (and limited in North Am
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