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  1. Yes I am on Jan 3 cruise. We should start a meet and greet page
  2. We were on the Breakaway the week after yours March 21. We were canceled and extremely disappointed. We rebooked for the same cruise. The 11-day out of NYC with an awesome itinerary. I am hopeful most of this will be behind us. I don't think you are being too hopeful. In a time like this, it great to have something to look forward to. I am most definitely looking forward to those 11 days of heaven!
  3. I am wondering if they are planning on cancelling cruises like Princess?
  4. I'm hoping for things to open up after tomorrow. I'd really like to get an upgrade. I've been watching prices and openings everyday. Only thing I see changing is the Haven's are sold out again. We sail 3/21. So I'm crossing my fingers that we can get an upgrade.
  5. We'll be on the Breakaway in a bit over 2 weeks! Where will the wait service be?
  6. Which dining room has the waiter service?? I thought it was buffet first day lunch. (Newbie here) TIA
  7. Wondering what time people board, and what's the first things they do when they get on board? Also looking for lunch suggestions! Thanks!
  8. I'm confused. If I have a BC balcony, and 30,000 pts what sort of upgrade can I ask for? Thanks!
  9. Let me know what happens. I called my TA to ask her to negotiate an upgrade and she laughed but did it. She told me the exact same thing when she called back. They don't negotiate prices. I pay for or upgrade or hope for a bid to be accepted.
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