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  1. It's hit or miss. We "usually" have had it by dinner but a few times it didn't make it until later..
  2. Just light a match when you're done.. 😂
  3. Those time aren't enforced at all. Show up when it's convenient and check in. They will board you as soon as the ship is ready to accept passengers. They'll board suites and Elites and Preferred..
  4. You can do it two ways. Without logging in to your Personalyser just go to your cruise from the cruise search function and click on flight quotes. You can also do it the way you described. You can click on "Change Flights" to see the prices without actually changing your flights. It makes you accept the changes before they take effect. Just back out before you accept the changes.
  5. Your ship is leaving out of Los Angeles. We are talking about cruises leaving from Australia.
  6. Yeah, anything in Australia is an odd duck as far as ordering anything on board in advance. The only thing I see listed under the internet section for our upcoming Australia/New Zealand cruise is the "In Cabin Calling to Shore". 10 minutes for $49.50. No actually internet packages listed.
  7. I've seen that many times. It can get frustrating. I doubt Princess will lower the price. The price you see when you log in is the real price. The you see from the main website could be something stored in your cache.
  8. Been in a suite four times and have never been escorted aboard. Head to the elevator and they ask what stateroom we're in.
  9. EZAir covers air only. You can book transfers with Princess if you want but Uber or Lyft are much quicker and cheaper.
  10. Looks like that unit has either been tampered with or someone forgot to tighten a screw after installation/servicing.
  11. If you have a travel agent they can take care of it for you. If not call Princess direct. Easily added.
  12. Take it up with Cruise Critic. It's not the OP's fault.
  13. I have no idea why it's not available for Australia cruises. I'm not aware of any other places that it's not available. Like I said in an earlier post, the only beverage package available is the "Premier Beverage Package". You can't even preorder the Unlimited Soda and More package..
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