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  1. As many manhours as TA's (especially the big box) have had to dedicate to cancelling, rebooking and tracking down people's credits, they've had to work a lot harder for that commission. I wouldn't be surprised if they're actually losing money on some bookings.
  2. I can't sort flights. For instance if I choose "Shortest Duration" it does nothing. If I click the box for "one-stop" flights it does nothing.
  3. We had FCD's that were tied to our cancelled Japan cruise. They were expired by the time the cruise was to sail. They were refunded to our credit card. We have current FCD's that were attached to another cancelled booking and they are still in limbo somewhere. They aren't showing in the Personalizer, haven't been refunded and they haven't been attached to another cruise we already have booked.
  4. I have a GTC order in at $5 per share.. lol
  5. I'm sure they are learning plenty from this. I'm also sure they're not going to learn it from this forum..
  6. Coral Princess Update Coral Princess is currently sailing a South America voyage and continues to encounter challenges disembarking guests due to port closures and changing regulations. In the continued effort to repatriate guests as quickly as possible, the ship will sail to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, arriving March 24. Although Brazil has been closed to cruise ship traffic, we are working through diplomatic channels to obtain permission and have received positive responses. Guests with confirmed homeward flight arrangements will be permitted to disembark and go directly to the airport. Regretfully, we do not anticipate that all guests will be able to disembark in Rio due to limited flight availability. From Rio, Coral Princess will sail to Fort Lauderdale as previously announced with a planned arrival on Sunday, April 5. Guests who purchased flights through Princess will be automatically rebooked on flights. We recommend that guests with independent arrangements wait to rebook their flights until official confirmation from the port authorities is received. Independent guests will be able to claim reimbursement upon their return home as previously advised. Both internet and guest stateroom telephone service remain complimentary so that guests can stay in touch with family. Updates will be made available as we obtain more information. This is an unprecedented situation and we thank our guests for their continued patience and understanding. Princess Cruises will continue to provide updates on Coral Princess in the Notices & Advisories section of the online newsroom. The safety, health and well-being of everyone on board remains our highest priority.
  7. Heck, my April 2nd cruise aboard the Diamond Princess is still showing in my Personalizer.. lol
  8. From Princess.. Updated March 19, 2020 12:30PM PT Family Assistance If you are the immediate family of a guest onboard Coral Princess or Pacific Princess you may call the appropriate number for your region for assistance: USA and Canada: +1-800-774-6237 United Kingdom: 0344 338 8663 Australia: 1300 551 853 New Zealand: 0800 780 717 Other international guests and other regions: +1 661 284 4902 Coral Princess Coral Princess is currently docked in Buenos Aires, and has been cleared by Argentine customs as well as the Ministry of Health. However, Coral Princess has not yet been fully cleared by local immigration. As such, only guests holding an Argentinean passport and/or guests who have confirmed flights departing today (March 19) have been cleared to disembark. Princess Cruises is working through diplomatic channels to get full clearance so all guests can depart over the next several days. As of this update, Coral Princess will remain alongside in Buenos Aires to accommodate guest’s departures in this evolving situation. Princess Cruises will also help rebook air travel for all guests as needed. Given the fluid nature of the situation and limited availability of flights, we thank our guests and all those impacted for their continued patience and understanding. We will share additional information as it becomes available.
  9. Logistically it would be a nightmare. Even if they housed non Covid patients, they would still have to bring on telemetry equipment and oxygen at a minimum. Not to mention all the other basic hospital type stuff like I.V. polls, crash carts, etc..
  10. Must have promised them a bail out package..
  11. Down over 30% so far today. Maybe at $5 I'll put some of my Vegas money into it..
  12. I'm still on the fence. It might be worth the risk from a pure speculative point of view. But common stock is usually the first thing to get wiped out in a reorganization..
  13. Got this almost immediately after submitting the form. I didn't copy the portion that has all the information I submitted. This is your Princess Booking Compensation request receipt. We appreciate you patience as we well be processing numerous requests. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and ongoing support. Looks like their proofreader was off for the day.. lol
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