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  1. We did a 13 night New Zealand cruise in March. They had the Pub Lunch at least twice.
  2. We're doing an 18 day Japan cruise in April. Your post is very informative. Thanks!
  3. We sailed the Majestic in Australia/New Zealand. We liked her just fine. Haven't been on any of the other Royal class ships though.
  4. Aussie cruises are a whole different animal.. When we took ours there was practically nothing available preorder as far as drink packages and internet. You could still order flowers and some spa stuff but other things were slim pickins..
  5. Uber is the way to go. We took Uber from FLL to Embassy Suites and I think it was around $13. From Embassy Suites to Terminal 2 was around $6. Embassy Suites charges $9 per person and you're on a bus. Uber is a no brainer. Never had to wait very long. Lots of Ubers in FLL
  6. It's hard to tell from the deck plans. Is the Sterling Steakhouse on the Diamond Princess an actual stand alone restaurant or is it just a cordoned off section of Horizon Court?
  7. Kenswing

    EZ Air

    That's pretty much what I do also. I book as soon as flights become available then re-fare as the opportunities arise..
  8. This is the route we'll take also. With a port intensive cruise we were borderline getting our money's worth before. A six pack of cans will last us a couple of days..
  9. We stayed there in March for 4 nights. It was very convenient to the cruise terminal and everything in the Rocks area. Here is a view from our room.. Most mornings there was a cruise ship blocking the view of the Opera House.
  10. Simple.. My TA gives me money. For our New Zealand cruise we received $960 OBC. For our upcoming Japan cruise we're receiving $1115 in OBC. That's on top of the promotion that Princess is running.
  11. Our cruise has only Guarantees available. We had no problem keeping our current stateroom.
  12. We ended up paying a fare increase of $260 total. That got us $500 OBC from Princess. An additional $25 OBC from our TA and $522 of free gratuities. Well worth the 20 minute phone call.
  13. We just cruised on the Majestic Princess last Month around New Zealand from Sydney. There were about 1,100 Aussies and 900 Americans. Didn't catch the breakdown of the rest.
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