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  1. Thanks for the feedback on the tripod. I have a lightweight travel tripod that I'll just plan on using off the boat, not on-board. Also, probably will just take my 28-300 mm zoom, and leave other lenses at home. It's not quite as sharp, but I won't have to bother with swapping lenses.
  2. I take a lot of landscape photos, and am almost always shooting at ISO 64 with a tripod, and often with long exposures. With my D850, I have realized that to achieve the best results a tripod is very useful. If I am shooting from a moving ship - at a distant subject with a wide-angle lens, I don't think the linear ship movement in its direction of travel will affect the picture that much - IF the ship isn't otherwise rocking or vibrating from the engines, etc. So my question is related to how much vibration, and other ship movement, should I expect? Will I need to go to high ISO
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