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  1. Didn’t see it. Reported as a duplicate and requested removal.
  2. Just received this via email. Since we had booked our cancelled cruise with our yearly Prime benefit and were unable to use it, this is good news!
  3. Cancelled Symphony on March 12 for March 14 sailing (got the FCC for the fares) and received refundable amounts, taxes, fees excursions, yesterday, April 7.
  4. Cancelled on March 11, via Cruise with Confidence and received FCC email yesterday. It listed all guests and the individual credit amounts
  5. Symphony 3/14 - Cancelled, 2 yr old granddaughter has mild asthma, so not taking any chances and do not want to be quarantined in inside cabins. Sucks because this was our Christmas gift to kids & grandkids. Will rebook but doubt if we can afford the Symphony again.
  6. Also cruising on March 14th, on Symphony, with kids and grandkids. It’s our first cruise with the whole family, so we’re full steam ahead unless royal cancels.
  7. This is awesome! My grandson will have his birthday aboard the Symphony next month, I will definitely ask our steward for a cake! 🎂
  8. mbayley@rccl.com Michael Bayley the CEO. I emailed him, got a response 3 days later and my issue was well taken care of. Good luck!
  9. If I recall correctly, complementary Voom as well for the GS.
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am writing RCL a letter to thank her for her above and beyond help ❤️
  11. Wow! That would have been so stressful, what wonderful people. So glad for your happy ending!
  12. I cannot thank you and your friend enough for going out of your way to help a stranger. Sincerely, thank you (and the genie!). could you possibly get me the name of the Genie? I would like to write to RCL. 😁😁😁
  13. Yes, I’m getting one for Christmas... finally. I don’t bring jewelry with me, just the two rings I wear every day but my fingers swelled up and I had a heck of a time getting them off and just stupidly threw them in the safe. Lesson Learned. 😁
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