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  1. Last week the CCL UK share price had been falling quicker than the US, now they're almost on par. UK price currently down 16% at 16.60 GBP = 21.66 USD
  2. awesome, you'll love the Northern Lights if you've never seen the before 😀
  3. Nice. I'm trying to workout (man maths) if it's better to add the "Best Value Package" to my cruise - for the 15 day Panama Canal cruise it's an extra £525 pp, my son is only 11 years old so won't be drinking that much coffee or booze 😁 but will be wanting wifi.
  4. Hi, there's a short thread about the sale here: I've checked the prices on the cruise I'm interested in and they haven't reduced anything, just added the two extra packages: Best Fare option £50pp low deposit^ Best Value package and pay just £35pp per day instead of £70pp per day and enjoy premium drinks including beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, tea and coffee; fast, reliable and unlimited Wi-Fi with MedallionNet; and gratuities.~ https://www.princess.com/cruise-deals-promotions/uk/best-sale-ever/
  5. Likewise, with the last couple of sales prices have gone and availability massaged. When they had the “free cabin upgrade” offer the price on my cruise went up £200 pp, only to come down again as soon as the offer finished. With the Black Friday sale the cabin class I wanted was shown as sold out, I could have cried, so started booking another trip. The next day, the 3 cabins were available again.😡
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