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  1. Just got off the phone and so happy Princess did the right thing with these sailings!
  2. ...the person I chatted with definitely needed some help with english grammar and spelling....which is why I'm still on the phone (unpatiently) waiting.
  3. For those with sailings on 3/7 and 3/8, the person I "spoke" with in the webpage chat said they would cover these sailings with the 100% FCC for cancellation fees too. I am still on hold on the phone to get a better confirmation that is accurate.
  4. Will do! Going strong at 2 hours and 58 minutes on hold...
  5. I've been on hold for 67 minutes and supposed to sail tomorrow too. We will see....
  6. Understandable, but why not also offer the OBC offer? Just seems odd. 😕
  7. Seriously? That's terrible...so they are effectively excluding you from their revised cancellation policy?
  8. I see most people complaining because Princess decided to exclude their upcoming weekend cruises....not the actual cancellation policy of 100% FCC or some OBC. But Princess still decides I get nothing (FCC or OBC) because my sail date is "less than 72 hours away"
  9. I'm guessing a late money grab for the upcoming weekend cruises to limit damages from cancellations.
  10. Happy to see they are rethinking this, but very disappointed (that's an understatment) they have chosen to excluded March 7 and March 8 sailings. We are booked on the Sky tomorrow, but have been pleading with customer service for the past several days to reconsider the cancellation policy as we do not wish to risk quarantine. If they truly are excluding March 7/8, I will loose all respect from Princess.
  11. Thanks all! I've learned so much from here! 🙂
  12. Wooohoo...I'm so thrilled to have a smaller room (according to customer service rep.) in an undesired location now. 😂 At least I have an answer now I suppose.
  13. Room is only booked for 2 people 😕
  14. New to cruising and hoping for some answers! I'm going on the Sky Princess and when I booked and made the deposit I picked room L128 (BF). After paying the final balance my room had "automatically" switched to R312 (BB). I was really wanting to be on the Lido deck (I'm a sucker for pools and food lol) and specifically picked L128 during booking/deposit. I'm also not thrilled with the new location on the Riviera deck and the original room is no longer available. I called Princess customer service and they were NO HELP!! They couldn't explain why my room was switched, what the difference was bet
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