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  1. Ahhh, Mitch Hedberg. A life cut far too short, but for the short time he was on stage, still cracks me up to this day. I quote him all the time, and almost no one knows who he is. Anyone who doesn't should youtube him, and sit back for some good belly laughs. Remember, when the escalator is down, it's not broken, it has just temporarily become stairs. 😄
  2. Soon to be 1st time cruiser here, on the Escape. A few questions about eating and drinking. When we board in Miami, will we be able to go to a buffet right after we bring suitcase to room, and grab a bit of lunch? I paid for the free dining, along with some not free, but I'd like to grab a bite in the noontime hours, and start with a cocktail before we even leave port, and not be surprised at trips end with a bill. Secondly, if we get off the boat, for an excursion sponsored by NCL, say snorkeling, and then hang out on the beach where they have burgers and drinks(mentioned in excursion ad by NCL), is that part of the cost of the excursion, cruise, or more out of pocket cash ? Also, I guess an off topic question is also, if I go snorkeling, where do I place my room key\card, cash, phone, etc that is secure while we are snorkeling? I am sure this is a non issue, but I like to be prepared. We are paying as much as possible "up front" and a cruise is costly. Trying to save or limit surprises. Any answers are greatly appreciated!
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