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  1. If you have a NIKON camera, Nikon sells a thing called the FS-1 that will work with their three "micro" lenses. It will fit on any lens, but I've not found anything for my Canon that will focus close enough.
  2. I brought a cheap dinner jacket (essentially a white tuxedo jacket). I wore it over just a pair of black pants and a white button down shirt (that I wore other days by themselves) and a bow tie. People all thought I looked very formal. I even brought a self-tied bow tie so I could go rat pack and leave it untied and dangling around my neck as the night went on.
  3. Just to follow up, Navioncs worked great for us in NZ/AUS last February.
  4. Your risk factor is most likely your CURRENT fellow cruisers, not the stuff left over from the last voyage. It is still unclear how much is actually spread from surface contact as it is. Most of the outbreaks have been directly attributable to restricted spaces (crowds, ships, airplanes, working in healthcare) with infected people, not coming across it lingering in the wild.
  5. Maybe they should go back to their home ports. These countries should have some obligation to providing the flags.
  6. With the amount of time cruiseships (with the exception of those that are currently stuck with stranded passengers aboard) are going to sit idle, it's doubtful that there's anything lingering from the last trips. Despite the headlines, cov-2 duration on surfaces is measured in hours not weeks. The 17-day statement was not that they found live viruses but they found lingering RNA pieces (which is not alive or a threat). A bigger issue is more conventional mold and the like from sitting idle. Most cruise lines have a sanitizing plan just because of prior problems like norovirus.
  7. Here are some photos from the tour I booked direct with the Art Deco Trust there... One of the cheaper and best excursions we did on the cruise.
  8. What I hand't expected was the number of our friends who treat us as pariahs having just returned from a vacation (we actually got off the ship three weeks ago, but we were driving around Australia in the interim). Some of my wife's associates got outright nasty that she wouldn't just self quarantine herself for the duration.
  9. It was the next to last day that I found out you got "points" at a lot of the activities toward the Azamara trinkets. I would have owned the trivia contests and a few other events if I had known. It was halfway through the napkin folding class when I realize the two instructors were the dance partners from the evening shows.
  10. Amusingly, I bought a dinner jacket (for those who don't know, it's a white jacket you wear with a normal "informal"...t hat is tuxedo) for white night. I brought three pint bottles: shampoo, body wash, conditioner. My wife says, the are green stains on your jacket. I say, no problem, it's just leaking shampoo.
  11. I never use the provided toiletries anyhow. If there was an option to not stock my room with them at all I'd select it. Wall mounted dispensors are annoying and budget-hotel tacky. The showers are small enough without adding that sort of thing.
  12. Good: The stateroom was typical, perhaps even better than average. There was a decent amount of room of the Veranda. A good sized table and room to get around it without having to squeeze. We were in 7078 on the Journey (roughly across from the guest laundry which was more of a convenience than a problem). I actually had a SMALLER hotel room at the Sydney airport when I went to get a connection. Food was also above average in both Windows and Discoveries. I was unsure that Aqualina/Prime C was worth the extra money. We did splurge on the Valentines Dinner in Aqualina a
  13. We did the Journey in a Veranda room but we were travelling with two couples who had inside rooms. The layout of the inside stateroom is actually a little nicer than the veranda room since they put the bed on the wall that would have been the windows. Obviously you lose the square footage of the veranda itself, but otherwise the rooms seem comparable. As pointed out, there's lots of nice spaces on the ship outside the staterooms and after they rip out the casinos, even more. Sitting in the "Living Room" looking out the window was one of our favorite hangouts.
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