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  1. We're going on the Island Princess in October and just got our assigned boarding time of 2:30 pm. Are they strict with the arrival times? Have you ever had to wait for your exact time, or are they just suggested, so that everyone doesn't arrive at the same time? We have to check out of our hotel around 11 am and were planning on getting to the cruise port way before 2:30 pm. Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to come up with pros and cons for my tablet, and carrying it around was a "con" but realized that if you get to a theater real early, there's apps you can use that don't need wifi, and can always use that while waiting in the theater. This makes me really think more about bringing it in addition to viewing the princess patter daily on it too.
  3. Thanks! I was wondering about iMessage as well. One of my previous cruises (not on Princess) I was able to use iMessage without an internet package.
  4. Can you access the princess patter online without an internet package? I'm thinking of bringing my tablet so I can have the patter available online with me throughout the day. Thanks, Dennis
  5. Hi! Does anyone have a picture of the pullman's bed on the Island Princess in a balcony room? There are no pictures on the website and I can't seem to find any. I'm wondering where the bed pulls down from -- is it by the desk or in front of the bed? Thanks, Dennis
  6. Thanks for all the info! Maybe the streaming music on Royal Caribbean was a fluke during the cruise. I like the Princess @ Sea that you can message people within your party who are on board. I'm traveling with my parents and my dad does text, so that'll be helpful to have.
  7. When I was on Royal Caribbean even though I didn't purchase the Wifi package, I was still able to stream Apple Music and text message via iMessage with no roaming charges incurred. Are those capabilities working on Island Princess without a wifi package? Thanks!
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